Thursday, February 9, 2017


So I just get in from driving Cocoa to the SC/GA state line, a dog traveling from VA to TX, sit down with a nice glass of wine, some P.F. Changs I picked up on the way home, pop in the disks I got from the library of The Good Wife, and BOOM!  Bob and I jump up and run out to make sure the dogs are okay, and there it is. 

We now have a better view of the mountain from the living room, but I LOVED that big old dead tree and so did the pileated woodpeckers.  

I guess we'll have firewood for the next century, but now we have to find someone to cut it up, who knows what that will cost.

It took down a good tree next to it, too.

It's enormous, and they just don't look as big standing erect.

Glad we dodged the blizzard bullet with all the trees and plants that are in bloom.  Still in the 70s and expected to stay that way.  

Saturday we went to Knoxville to pick up Baby, a lab from Memphis, TN to take to rescue in Charlotte.  Bob's favorite bookstore is there, so we made the three hour trip up.  I had not been to Knoxville, it was a pretty drive, no reason to go again.

This is Baby, and she loves everybody.

Dancing with Bob in the pasture.

I was able to throw in baking a chocolate roll for Stu's birthday.  Feeling a bit stressed, so many asking for help in rescue, I think I'll hide out next week!

Also managed to get to the Frog & Swan tag sale and found some nice little items for my shop.  Do you see a color theme here?  Work starts Wednesday on the boathouse!  I'm excited.

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