Monday, April 29, 2013

Babies in the Fox Den

My friend Dixie sent me these wonderful photos from her neighbor around the corner who is lucky enough to have a fox den and snapped these great photos of the kids!

We had a fox den in the pasture next to us a few years before the horses got there, and it was fun to watch them chase each other and play.  So far this year no baby deer in the pasture, but Geisha did bring home a baby rabbit, but it's back in the nest with its siblings and I have made sure she won't be able to get to them again.  Yoga on the Mountain was canceled due to rain and is rescheduled for May 26.  Next up, Mother's Day Botanical Garden Tour!    

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bob Finally Gets His Birthday Present!

Last Night was the Renaissance concert at Variety Playhouse.  This is Renaissance singing one of my favorites "Mother Russia".   The concert was set for last October, but was canceled and rescheduled for last night. Got home at midnight, was a longer concert than expected.  They have not been here since the '90s, but we can always catch them on a trip home at the Keswick since Annie Haslam lives in Doylestown.

Lots of things coming up, this weekend Yoga on the Mountain, in two weeks the Atlanta Botanical Garden tour, and Jacqui's 50th birthday!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nesting Material

For all my chow friends out there whose dogs are now blowing their coat, do not throw that stuff in the trash!  If you don't spin your own yarn with chow fur which has been labeled comparable to angora, then stuff it in the trees as nesting material for the birds.  They love it, especially the chicadees!

Monday, April 8, 2013

My First Ruby Throat Sighting Today

These were last summer's videos, the most hummers we had ever seen at one feeder!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Quiet Easter Weekend

The pasture is in full bloom with a wildflower that I cannot find in my guides and will have to take a piece to a nursery to find out what it is, but it is beautiful and the bees love it
The bird' nest above with my collection of feathers cradles my prized Screech Owl egg left in the nestbox last year.  The owls are already back and starting their next brood.
The moss is greening up, trillium are starting to unfurl.  It was in the 70s Easter weekend, balmy and nice

For Easter breakfast I made sauteed apples, almonds and a sauce to put over the . . .

. . . julienned crepes

Add a latte and it's the perfect breakfast

Just ask Geisha who is in her usual position to get scraps from the coffee table

Lots of things are now in bloom.  Rain came in later on Easter, so we went to see "Lincoln" a wonderful movie which taught me a lot about politics and the Civil War.