Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chinese New Years

I found a way to keep my tree up by celebrating Chinese New Years in honor of my chows and all of my friends' chows. The main photo of my blog is my friend Jacqui's chow, Kashi, enjoying a ride around the neighborhood!  He is a smooth blue chow.  Don't you just want to kiss him??
I knew someday I would get to use the vintage lanterns I got on ebay.
The koi are food party picks, but they work great as tree ornaments, don't you think?
Same goes for the dragons, even though it is the year of the snake.
I have made a lot of wonderful friends at Chap's Chow Rescue and we all have our chow-chows in common.  I hope they are lasting friendships even though one may move back to Boston, another to Holland, and me to North Carolina.  Happy Chinese New Years to Panda, Wong, Bamboo, Geisha, Lord Roman, Princess, Helga, Suzie Wong, Mia, Chutney, Kashi, Blake, JoJo, the list goes on!  

Monday, January 21, 2013

Frisky is Home

This is Mojo, Frisky's new companion.
This is Rich & Pat McMahon, Frisky's new owners.  We were surprised to see Rich again, we had met him doing a transport of puppies last year and didn't realize it was him that was adopting Frisky.  Both dogs got along from the start.  Frisky jumped in the back seat of their Jeep ready to go, so happy she didn't even look back at me and Bob.   
Frisky never stopped smiling or wagging her tailShe was only days away from being euthanized, and I think she knew how lucky she was thanks to Julie!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Frisky Gets a Home

This is "Frisky" in her before/shelter shot.  Her owner died, and she has been at the shelter for a week.  Step in Julie Wilson from TN.  She has found Frisky a new home with an adopter who adopted a senior from her named "Mojo". Bob's sister, April, picked Frisky up from the shelter today and brought her to us to drive to TN tomorrow.  She smelled like the shelter, so we decided to take her to the do-it-yourself doggy wash. 
I was smart, I took Sam for a drive to the post office while April and Bob bathed, brushed, blow dried and clipped Frisky for over an hour.  She was a perfect little dog.
Frisky's "after" shot.  She looks like a different dog, and she's actually smiling!  She smells good, feels silky, and looks gorgeous!
She can't wait until tomorrow to meet her new owners and Mojo!  More photos to come with her new family.
By the way, this is "Sam" another one of our rescues needing his forever home.  Doesn't he look like "Boo" the famous pomeranian?  

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's at Lise's

This is Lise with her chows Mia and Chutney. Lise is from NYC, but has lived in India and Morocco and is a neat lady!
This is Mike, Lise's boyfriend from Holland.  He was here for two weeks and will be back in March.  They met on a cruise and have been flying back and forth to Holland, a real long-distance relationship.  Mike is trying his first meatball ever.
Mama Mia that's a hot meatball! But I think he liked it.  He thought it was weird to have sausage at breakfast, and pb&j sounded gross to him so he had peanut butter and butter.  Now that sounds gross to me.

This is Chutney, Lise's blind chow that is the same blood line as Genghis Khan, one of Martha Stewart's chows.  She got him while living in Manhattan.
The rescue group at the buffet.
That's Amy and Ronald, Mike's partner.  His beard was so cool, Bob wants to grow his to look like a mountain man again! (oh, no!!)
This is Jacqui who just moved here from Boston.  Love that accent!  Reminds me of my friend Harold who passed last year, he never lost that accent.  Mike, the head of Chap's Rescue is next to her. 
And this is Jacqui's license plate.  This group really loves their chow chows!