Saturday, December 9, 2017


Started off a warm day for December with roses blooming.  

Then come afternoon that all changed.  We had plans to go to Asheville, sit in the lobby of the Grove Park Inn with an Irish coffee and take in the Christmas atmosphere, gingerbread houses, bellhops in red tails and top hats for our anniversary, but that is now postponed with Asheville getting nine inches of snow.

I never tire of the snow-covered bamboo.

Snow-covered bamboo forest outside the kitchen windows of the tiny farmhouse.

One A.M. yet another tree bites the dust, and, of course, it has to be over a fence line.

The snow brightens the berries.

The tree is up, the mantle decorated, the packages have been mailed.  I am way ahead of the game and happy I did that since we got this early snowfall.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend

A very laid back Thanksgiving.  Trees still have their vibrant leaves despite several strong winds.

Decided to go to Mindy's goat farm and bring some bamboo as a T-day treat for the goats.

Couldn't stuff anymore in!

The leaves on the hills were tones of gold and rust, but a lot of trees are now bare.

Huggy Bear the Great Pyr was there to greet us.

The goats seemed to know they were getting a treat.

They loved their bamboo Thanksgiving feast and will probably appreciate it even more once the winter comes.

Nice to see Mindy wears her PJs stuffed into Wellies in the middle of the day like I do!

Mindy is starting a goat cheese business, and we got to bring home a block with red pepper flakes to go with our meal.  She is also giving me whey to add to dishes as a protein source.

My other goat farm friend Frankie received this book as a gift and said it's a good read.  I may just have to have my own goat farm one day!  

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Storms, Floors & More!

I finally had enough of the paper on the kitchen floor, it was annoying and so dirty.  The humidity started to go down and I started ripping up the paper.

Next step was to apply the tung oil, which I thought would be a quick process, but actually took the whole day to do this small floor.

Knee pads would have been beneficial!

Finished!  Not the most professional looking floor, but better than the fake brick linoleum and tar left behind.  This dried rather quickly and the dogs were back in the kitchen!

Next step is to get the kitchen table back in the room, which has been sitting on the farmhouse porch.

As if I didn't have enough projects, I started unearthing the stone walk to the back bedroom door. 

Hacked out this old stump and bought a Black Dragon Cryptomeria to be placed back in the hole.

Two Sundays ago, the storm going up the coast added to our already high winds and took yet another tree down.  This one is hovering over the fence line, so something needs to be done asap.

Only good thing to come of the high winds, it blew what I believe to be a hummingbird's nest out of the tree.  The smallest center for eggs I've ever seen in a nest.

Last weekend the girls from P3 were using the boathouse for the weekend for their annual rescue meeting.  I was to be there with them, but as rescue would have it, I had a dog coming from Kentucky.  The girls understood (even though they are a cat rescue haha).

Jake finally got my retro door up, and it looks great with the galvanized light and lanterns.

This is still the view across the street from the hurricane.

They did get their dock repaired, however.

Leaves are finally starting to change, still waiting for our first frost.

And this is Dixon, the little senior that had been sitting in a Kentucky shelter for over a month.  I sent his photo to my friend in Florida and she wanted me to get him to her, and so I did!

Dixon stayed with me for the week and had a nice bath and groom in town.

What we call a pocket chow, a mere 37 lbs., easy for Bob to carry around.

Completely deaf, bad hips, skin issues, but sweetest chow ever!

Smiling on his car ride.  I drove him to Savannah, Georgia, this weekend and Val drove up from Jacksonville. 

Valerie and I have been friends for years, and this is the third senior male I have gotten for her.  She has two younger chow girls that will be Dixon's sisters.  Another saved!