Monday, March 19, 2018


Sunday was so nice, we picked up lunch and sat at the boathouse.  Not much going on, a passing boat from time to time.

A new house going in, second from the right, modern and interesting.  Need to get in the kayak for an up-close look.

Dave our neighbor has gotten his boathouse primed. Can't wait to see the new color.

After seven years, the black bamboo is thick along the stairway.

Didn't bring my photo lens, but there is a guy on a paddle board WITH HIS DOG!!  That's a first!

Surprise No. 1:  My friend Ginny in NY with the wildlife rehab center sent me this book.  She has a story that was published in it, and took it to the boathouse to read.  It is about birds, of course!

A sweet note to go with it.

Looks like the neighbors on the hill have cleaned up most of the trees from the tornado last summer.

Surprise No. 2:  Another friend sent me this homemade apron to use when I make my dog food.  Will also come in handy in the potting shed.

Surprise No. 3:  Well, the excitement of the church sale builds.  We cleaned out the chicken coop yesterday and I decided to get rid of a few more things that were stored and take it to the church this morning for their sale.

I was shocked when the girl told me I could look around, so I was keeping a list of what I would go for come sale time, but she said I could BUY anything I wanted!  WHAT??!!!  First thing I went for was this Art Deco lamp, which may be a keeper!!

Piles of afghans.  Where am I going to store all of these?

At $2 apiece, I couldn't pass them up. Mom, what are these???

They are oak and fold and the center is a strip of velvet material all in great shape.

I have never paid $25 for an afghan, but this one was special, heavy and HUGE!  

So unusual and the needlework is exquisite!

This is another huge, heavy beautiful throw!

A chenille bedspread with a ruffle!  This has been a good couple of days!

Friday, March 16, 2018

March Winds

The winds have subsided and with each day being in the 70s the plants are growing too fast!
Today I finally have some time to separate and re-pot mouse ears hosta, next the silver ferns. 

Since I have gotten back home, rescue has been crazy.  Last weekend I met Tracy and the kids to get Sir Spruce for the weekend, then off he went to Francia in Florida, my husky rescue friend.  Always like to throw a husky in there from time to time!

Kid tested!

Off to Florida he goes!!

Next on the agenda, Moose from Dyersburg, TN going to my friend Amy in Lancaster.  I didn't get to meet him, but coordinated his transport.

Then Patti, a shelter friend in Georgia contacted me about Mufasa, a 9 year old chow mix who had an adopter in Virgina, but needed out of the shelter and a place to crash until Saturday, so here he is!

Tomorrow he will be on his way to his new home in Virginia!

Rain is coming, so I will be back inside painting the bathroom and finishing ripping up the tile floor.  Once the rain is gone, I will be back to the stone paths and a big project I hope to post about soon, if I can get Bob to agree and help me out!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Asian Art

Mom, look how nice these cleaned up.  The tiles were so dirty and are now bright, you can see they are hand painted.

I used a paint brush to clean the velvet and the dirt kept coming off.  Then I used Old English dark oil to fill in the scuffs on the frame, which I think are walnut.  This was a good find.  Not my style, but so pretty.

Got them up on Ebay today for $45.  Fingers crossed!

Been busy putting things up today.  This is a plaster wall plaque that is pretty unusual.

Found this pink chenille bedspread for $8 and put that up for sale.

The dogs are exhausted from watching me!

The camellias are still looking good.