Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Paws Prayers and Promises

Saturday night fundraiser for my friends' rescue at the old train depot in Landrum.

Photo contest and raffle to raise money.

Local vets were the judges for the photo contest.

I met Kelly and Yvonne at P3 Consignments, a shop they run in town, buying the eggs that they raise as a hobby.  Even though they are in cat rescue, we became friends having rescue in common.

They had a beautiful buffet set up.

Bob caught in action at the buffet!

Bob got this photo, but no others!!  Yes, I was captive in the kitchen serving drinks.

Kelly bringing out a birthday cake for Dana, another rescue friend.  She just turned 65.

Dana in pink.  She is such a tomboy, I'm surprised she is wearing pink!

Dana, Kelly and Yvonne with two ladies I don't know.

Next day we were off to the Smoky Mountains to help Carol, another rescue friend.  She lives in Virginia, but was coming to Asheville with Colin for a re-do on his botched amputation.




Nice buildings and views along the way.

Tomorrow I'm on my way back to the Smokies to help Carol load the car and dogs.  She has a cracked rib and black eye from a fall, so no photos of Carol.  I thought she was in her 70s, but found out today she is only a few months older than me!  I guess all those decades of eating right and working hard has paid off, they all think I'm a lot younger than I am and need my help.  LOL

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lake Cleanup

tornado  The lake made the local news.  It was thought to be a microburst, but ended up being an F-1 tornado. 
Yesterday we were finally allowed to get to the boathouse to see what damage there was.  Everything on this side of the lake is a total mess and sad to see all these huge trees down.

Dr. Rogers on one side of us lost his dock.

This is standing on the top step down to our boathouse, the lines are down in our parking space and we can now see our neighbors up on the hill.

This neighbor up on the hill saw the tornado come across the water.  They lost dozens of trees and now have a full view of the lake which they did not have before.  

Our parking space.

Dr. Rogers is the other house above us on the hill.  They lost at least a dozen huge old oak trees.

I was talking to the DOT workers clearing the road.  Evidently the tornado never touched down.  If it had, there would have been no houses or boathouses over here, so we got lucky.

Meanwhile, at Kelly's, a crane was brought in to lift the tree off the Toymaker's Cottage.  Her area of Tryon was hit hard, massive amount of trees lost.

The humidity here has been so thick you can see it.  Today is the first day it has lifted and the air is a bit dryer.

Looking forward to the weekend.  Saturday I am bartender at a fundraiser photo contest for Paws, Prayers and Promises, a rescue run by two friends that own the consignment shop in town.  Then Sunday is a trip to the Smokey Mountains to finally meet my friends Chantal and Carol.  Chantal is driving down from Knoxville with her mom and Carol is coming from Elk Creek, Virginia.  We were planning on a weekend camping trip with several other girls, but could not get it together in time, so maybe this spring!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tornado Damage on the Lake

The third basin is a mess.  We are going to try again to get to the boathouse, but it's going to take a while to clear the roads.  Someone got in a kayak and took photos.  Our boathouse is the dark one with green trim.  The gray house up behind us on the hill could not be seen, now they have a clear view of the lake and all their trees are down on the road at our boathouse.

Three gigantic trees down at this boathouse.

Camp Fire Water lost some big ones.

Power lines all over the place, entangled in downed trees.

Just a big mess to clean up, will be hearing a lot of chain saws.  Don't know what the water surge was like and if the boathouse got flooded.  Was hoping to get a new roof out of this one.  Oh, well!