Sunday, July 8, 2018

Work(s) In Progress

WORK IN PROGRESS NO. 1:  Despite my torn ligament in my sacroiliac, I made the two-hour drive to Johnson City, TN, to meet my rescue friends.  I really didn't think I could drive that long, but five weeks later, seeing my chiropractor every two days, I feel I'm on the mend.

My first time to this little town, and it has a lot going on, renovating old brick buildings and a really nice park was constructed.  We met at the White Duck for lunch.

Carol to my left came from Elk Creek, VA, we have met a few times, Chantal and her 83 year old mom came from Knoxville, TN.  We each had a two-hour drive.  

It was very hot, near 90 degrees, but we did get to walk around a little.  Next meeting is in the fall.

I had to take a photo of the sink in the bathroom, love, love, love it!

Love, love, love the faucets, too!

So old man Bamboo is now 18 1/2 years old, and the vet says he has puppy blood.  My pets live very long lives.  I swear it's the goat's milk. He is now sporting "equipment" so that I can get him up with a handle.  I should have done this a year ago, I would not have torn that ligament.  He is heavy at 65 lbs.

The back legs just don't want to work, but once up, he can move!

WORK IN PROGRESS NO. 2:  The outside is painted and finished and clean and pretty!!

Still working on the inside.  The chimney:  What would Leanne Ford do??


And so I did!  As if I don't have enough to paint, but that brick was ugly and so were the green, dirty shelves that I had covered for four years with a curtain.

I now have a special place for all that pretty milk glass my mom has given me!

Yesterday was rainy and cold.  I was in a panic.  I had rescue friends driving from Pine Bluff, Arkansas and Waxhaw, NC to come to the boathouse to get a chow and planned a bbq and swimming for the kids.

What would the kids do??  They went right inside and played cards, read books, then the rain stopped, the boats came out and all was good!

Tracy brought her crew, six adopted kids, since Yasu, her husband, is working in China then going to visit his family in Japan, so this was a break for her.

Kayan is Native American, so they let him grow his hair long, which is gorgeous.  It's just always in his face lol.

The kids jumped right in and went pretty far out.  

Cathy and Janie, rescue friends, came from Arkansas with Gypsy Rose, who Tracy is going to foster until she finds a home.  They had a very long drive and spent the night at the boathouse.

Kayan is checking out fish.  

Group shot No. 1, one of the kids took it with my camera, a bit blurry, but Janie is in this one.  Kayan gave me a flower to wear in my hair.

Group shot No. 2:  Taken with Janie's phone, nice shot!  Gave Kayan the flower to wear in his hair!  It was a fun day, and they will be back with their dad.  Maybe we can get them to zipline next trip!

Back to business.  Found all of these at one thrift shop for $2/$3.  

This one is a keeper. Love the colors.  Off to paint!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Grave Gardeners

I'll admit it, I have been a fan of CBS Sunday Morning from its inception in the '70s.  Considered an "old people's tv show" I find it to be educational and interesting.  This past month one story was on the Grave Gardeners at The Woodlands Cemetery in Philadelphia.  It is a place I will visit on my next trip home and wished there was such a group here in Tryon. Click on the highlighted "The Woodlands" to go to their website and blog to read more.
 The Woodlands
A lot of the graves are French, made in the form of a planter.  Each person gets a "planter" and must plant flowers to coincide with the year of the grave.

In the main building at the Woodlands, 200 year old seed packets were found in the floorboards when renovating.  I have always loved historic cemeteries, such as the one I would visit in Atlanta, Oakland Cemetery.
 The Woodlands
Tryon actually has a small historic cemetery, so off we went to see if there were any French graves.

So far, a lot of lambs.  Evidently a lot of children.

This was as close as we could find to a French planter grave.  This cemetery was surprisingly unkempt.

These photos were taken before my camera died and went to the shop.  I need to get back to Asheville to pick it up.  I had planned on doing that for a garden tour this weekend in the Victorian section of Asheville, but that was not to be.  My back was thrown out picking up my old dog, couldn't do the drive.  Just hoping I can drive two hours next weekend, have a weekend planned with rescue friends.

Now Blooming:  Chickory

Goose Neck Loostrife

Monarda (Bee Balm)

Queen Anne's Lace

In rescue this week:  Charlie was left in an apartment when his owner fell ill and was admitted to the hospital.  He was there for three weeks before anyone knew.  After a lot of frantic coordinating, Charlie is now with a friend in Atlanta awaiting his trip to NJ to his rescue.