Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Car as Greenhouse

Spring is definitely here,and I am behind as usual.  I had intended to get my plants in the ground and wrap them in plastic until after the frost date of 4/20, but didn't quite get there.

An AHA moment!

Put them in the car at night, take out during the day.  When I noticed how well they were growing in the car, I just left them and added my flats with seeds, which should be sprouting soon!

My car is nothing but a truck that hauls dogs, dirt, trash and goat food, so might as well use it as a greenhouse, too!  My new car, if I ever get one, will have none of these things step foot into it!

I did, however, accomplish getting the veg garden cleaned up and ready to go.



This is sweet Blizzard who came from the same shelter as the puppies last weekend, so Bob drove to Spruce Pine, yet again, to pick her up.

She made it to Florida to her rescue and is being fostered by Kim with her husky pack.

She fits right in!

Yesterday a friend called and wanted me to get to a local shelter ASAP to save this senior husky/chow who is 12 years old, partially blind and deaf. Carol hasn't picked a name yet, but see that lightening bolt on his forehead?  He should be named with that in mind!

Picked him up, went straight to the vet, and my day was shot yesterday, but well worth it.

He spent the night and Bob drove him to Kingsport, TN to meet Carol, his new mom.  He will be living with Colin, the white chow from SC who lost his arm.

The vet had to cut this huge, 3 lb. collar off of him with a hack saw.  It covered his whole neck and was rusted and stiff. I can't believe the shelter didn't get this off of him.

Okay.  So this week I said to Bob, NO RESCUE STUFF!! I have this special project that I need his help on that I want to get to, and hopefully I can talk him into it in a few days since I've been sending him on all these transports.  Plan is to go to "my house" tomorrow on the way to the goat farm and gather some ferns for my "special project"!! Click on The Log for a neat video.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Isle of Dogs

Finally here!!  Love Wes Anderson films!!     
In Rescue:  Friday Bob went to Spruce Pine, a mountain town 30 minutes above Asheville to pick up four feral husky pups for Francia of Husky Haven of Florida. 

Very sweet, but very scared. They were to spend the night with us, then get on the road to Florida, but we all made the decision to get them to their overnight in Georgia and not take them out of the car due to being flight risks.

Bob getting close and trying to pet one.  I was disappointed I did not get to meet them.  Five months old and left to run.  It was a backyard breeder that could not sell them so dumped them at the shelter.  The mother of these dogs was 11 years old!

Tundra is my favorite.  I love the piebalds.

Settled in for the night with Jeanna in Georgia.

Her daughter was actually able to hold one!  They are now in Florida in their fosters home and doing fine. With a little time they will be happy-go-lucky puppies!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Goodbye Renee

My friend in rescue will be missed, but we will always be in touch.  We met the first time doing a transport for Voodoo and have been friends ever since.  She is actually one rescue person who lived in NC that I would see from time to time and frequently talk to on the phone.

I was excited when she was looking for a farm in Virginia, but then she found this on 142 acres in New Hampshire, the same area I was looking at moving to back in the '80s.

This place is huge for a single person, but it was the land that was the lure.

These are the listing photos, not Renee's furnishings.  Her style is more relaxed and she plans to bring back some of the original features.

She just left, so was not up there for this past long winter, but being a girl from Germany, I'm sure it won't phase her.  I just hope when she gets my age she will return to the warm South!

At least she will have her dogs to keep her company!