Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Only took four years, but I now have vintage Eastlake handles on my closet doors!  

Found at a local antiques shop for a song.

Celebrating the handles on my closet doors, thought it would be nice to photograph some of the old hardware inside and outside.

Love my verdigris copper gutters.

Old plant hanger outside the bedroom window.  Need to find something special to hang from this one.

This one is outside the living room where a folkart owl hangs above a bird feeder.

At the farmhouse.

The farmhouse roof is covered in moss.

The electrician finally came!  I have been on the list since November, he hooked up the exhaust fan and now I can paint for the second time.  Fun, fun, fun!

If the plaster walls bubble up again, I will resort to putting something else on the walls, I WILL NOT paint this room for a third time!

Adam also put up the light outside the back door, which was really needed.

Camellias are doing better than I thought they would.

When outside with my old dog, who is doing fantastic on his seizure meds, I place a stone in the new path that I am creating.  He's very slow, so at least I can accomplish something while standing around outside.

This is the path outside the back door in Roman and Princess's area.  As you can see, the original path is overgrown and not in the path area anymore, so I am digging all the stones up and re-doing the path.

I am also digging holes to place monkey grass clumps along the path.  There are hundreds of them scattered throughout the back yard and this will line the path and look beautiful when they bloom. 

I made this path a year or so ago so that I would have a place to dump leaves without having to haul them to the other side of the house.  On the right are so many new wisteria vines, and I am doing a tutorial online on how to make wisteria trees.  That will tame them and will one day be beautiful when they are in bloom.

Still finding afghans, and even though I just sold one, it has slowed down, so I think I will put them all away until fall and concentrate on selling some of the other items I have picked up at estate sales.

At the last estate sale I found this hand-knitted sweater, washed it and it fit, so it's a keeper!

A birthday gift for Linda, a bath mat that Brownie and Annabelle Fern think is their new bed.

So many projects, and not enough time!  This weekend, if it stays in the 70s-80s, we hope to meet our friends that just moved here from Atlanta at the boathouse.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


After setting up a transport run with volunteers from Arkansas to Georgia, then the following day Georgia to North Carolina, I had the rare pleasure of being one of the drivers and got to meet the dog I worked so hard on, Hope!

She may have been the sweetest, most petite chow I have ever met, and I called Toni of the rescue and said I was keeping her (wishful thinking!).

My notes from this transport.  So many people to coordinate, and I am the transport monitor at the time of the transport and have to solve any of the problems that may arise.  This one went fairly smoothly.

Not only did I get to meet Hope, I got to meet a rescue friend Tracy Tamura, the family fostering her until she is adopted.  Tracy and I have been friends in rescue for sometime, and it was nice to meet her face-to-face, and I got to meet five of her six kids, also.

Tracy and her husband adopted all of these children from abusive families.  She just turned 60 shortly after me, and is home schooling the kids.  I don't know where she gets her energy!  They also have four chows, so the kids are very chow savvy, and were such nice kids.  They hope to use the boathouse this summer for an outing.

Today it is 72 degrees and sunny and I can't wait to get outside to do yard work, just don't know where to start!

Everything is starting to bloom, the scotch broom above along the driveway, the mock orange bushes, which smell so good!

Hellebores are blooming . . . 

. . . as are the pansies.

The lettuce made it through this cold winter and I have been picking at it, but it is now taking off and some salads will be on the list for dinner.

Larkspur and bachelor buttons are coming in thick.

My basket is filled to the brim with seed catalogs that I have yet to peruse and order from.  Getting late, so with rain on the way, that's what I'll be doing until the next estate sale on Saturday!