Saturday, May 19, 2018

Rainy Day (Week) Chores

Heavy rains, mud slides and falling boulders closing roads and leaving us without power doesn't give us a lot of options on getting things done around here, so I decided to do a few things that have been on the shelf.

Painted the brown frames on my $1 prints black.  As you can see, lantern lighting isn't the best.

This weathered tile was drab . . . 

. . . but with glitter is now fab!

A never-ending project has been cleaning out my closet and drawers, eliminating work clothes (hooray!!) and washing, ironing and donating them to the church thrift store.  This dress was one I bought for one of my first dates with Bob 30 some years ago.

It has a 24 inch waist!!!  This I DO NOT want to keep as a reminder I was once skinny!

In between the bands of torrential rain, the sun will come out, and we try to accomplish something at the Tiny Farmhouse.

Everything was removed from the porch, and Ben came to prep for painting by power washing everything, even my porch furniture!

Took all these photos of the drab gray so you will see the difference when painted white, as a farmhouse should be!

Washed and looking better already.  We may have to wait a week for things to dry out, though.

Look at this beautiful graining!  Now we have another project, oiling the porch floor.  I didn't realize the wood was so pretty underneath 100 years of dirt buildup.

This week in thrift shop finds, everything is marigold!

These vintage wicker pictures will be placed above the bed at the farmhouse.  They cost $3 apiece!

Then I found this wonderful woven coverlet in marigold for $5.  I'm loving this marigold color.  Initially was buying it to re-sell, but I really want to keep this one!

This cotton sheet with crochet edging in marigold matches the spread so nicely, but I may just sell that.  It was only $2 and queen size.  Old heavy cotton can't be beat.

In the garden this week, we have a pansy that was born . . . 

. . . upside down!

My first Eden rose has bloomed, now there are three.

Mexican primrose at the gate is welcoming.

Lots of baby goats at the farm this week.  

Goats remind me of huskies, they're so goofy.

In between the heavy bands of rain we get the sun, which gives some good rays for photos.

The "special project" is completed, a little different than I had planned, but that will be my next post!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day Garden Tour

Happy Mother's Day!  Missing the garden tour in Atlanta, Bob and I went to the big nursery in Asheville.  I got to pick out a rose, and Hot Cocoa was the winner!

Mustard & Ketchup

Wild Blue Yonder

Hand painted seed packets as pretty as the flowers.


Have to throw a dog or two in. Shiba Inu may be my next dog, looks like a fox.

More coleus.

Lupine . . . in the parking lot of all places.  I can't seem to grow these, but pulled dozens of babies from the gravel in the lot and they are now in pots at home.

We actually have a small garden tour on Father's Day in Asheville, but nothing is quite like the Atlanta Botanical Mother's Day Garden Tour.  Here is a little tour of my flower patch.  Enjoy your day!