Monday, January 30, 2017

A Cupboard for the Boathouse

Finally!   A small cupboard to store supplies at the boathouse.  I have been looking for years for something small and light enough to carry down those steep stairs, and this showed up at the Habitat for Humanity store!

Maybe PA Dutch?  Maybe something that would have been in Lucy Ricardo's kitchen?  

Took days of scrubbing to get it clean.

We took it over to the boathouse this weekend.  The painting and staining are finished, and now we have to get things back in place and paintings on the walls before I can take some photos. 

As for the birdbath base, I decided to make a side table out of it for my seating area in the courtyard, and it turned out better than I could have imagined.  

I took one of my stepping stones, slapped on a little concrete, and wallah!

Finds this weekend, a vintage cut glass kerosene base, sparkles in the sun!

Two cut glass ceiling fixtures, one of a kind!

Just don't know where all these vintage things come from in this small town!

On the rescue front, Waha, a husky I transported from Arkansas to Illinois was adopted yesterday, and I received this photo from the rescue.  As I speak, working on getting a lab mix named Baby from Memphis to Charlotte.

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