Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This is Howdi, one of seven of Kim Petrunia's chows in Massachusetts.  Howdi just had major surgery, but this was Howdi in better times.  We're all praying for you Howdi! Thank you for sharing this video with me Kim, I have watched it so many times, cracks me up!  Is that Lance Armstrong in Howdi's mouth??

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Goodbye Horse Farm!

Haven't been past the farm where I used to get my compost lately, maybe I didn't want to remember that I lost one of my Merrells there while I was sinking in the quicksand maure, but as we drove by I noticed silt screens and bulldozers.  Sadly, another horse farm lost to a subdivision.

Then I remembered the lanterns hanging by the gate that I always admired and wanted to ask for.  I had Bob drive down the old gravel road leading to the farm, and there they were to my surprise!  I would have thought someone would have wanted these, they are gorgeous.  They are big, too!  The glass is opalescent and hand blown and wrapped around the glass are copper holders.  Goodbye manure, hello beautiful lanterns!