Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Fog, rain and humidity have been the norm the past month.  We can count on a thunderstorm just about every afternoon.

Torrential rain, even the day I went to pick up our newest rescue, Voodoo, a deaf senior who would be staying with me for a few days.  Got to see Renee again, she had been in Switzerland seeing her family for the past month.

Such a sweet little guy.

He loved Daddy's bed so much, I let him take it with him when he left.

You can always see and hear the storms and rain before they make it to us.

My friend George stayed the night at the boathouse arriving at 2 am on his trip back from NY and on his way home to Gulfport, MS.  We finally got to meet Harry, the pyr/chow.

Harry and William were being adopted in NY, but they had a big fight and the adopter kept William, not Harry.  I don't think he minded going back home with George.

Voodoo and Harry's meet and greet.  A little stiff, but hope they are buddies by now.  Voodoo went back with George, he will be going to Houston Chow Rescue.

With so much rain, not much to show in the flower department, but foliage is doing fantastic, as is the lettuce.  We feel like rabbits by now eating so much of it!

Toad lily given to me by a gardening friend in a small faux bois pot I found at a thrift store

Praying hands hosta.

Silver fern

Mouse ears hosta.



Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

The annual visit with the family, just hanging out at the boathouse drinking pina coladas sans rum because I forgot it and getting some sun.

Still limber at 87! (She's not going to like that I posted this shot haha!)

Went to Saluda to watch people zipline, getting prepared for the group zipline in July.  

The fog was so thick on the drive up that no one got to see the nice mountain views and how high up they were.  I think the fog added to the zipline experience, but some were complaining.  There won't be any fog in July when Bob finally sets sail.

I always plan on taking more family photos and maybe even getting in one, but I get so busy with meals and making sure everyone has what they need that I forget.  Maybe next year I will get better at it!

On the homefront, I have not been mowing certain areas where there were leaves of plants I could not identify, and to my surprise one was a peony that bloomed this year.  Very fragrant and only one bloom.  

The lettuce has reached its max and we are having salads every night because it is beginning to bolt.

Tomatoes are ahead of schedule and next to produce!