Saturday, February 18, 2017


The fallen tree has been cut into pieces.  Next step is splitting and then hauling to the wood shed.  This is going to be a LOT of work!

If only it was on flat land and not the side of a hill.

For some reason, Lord Roman loves sniffing around this mess.

With him standing next to the pieces, you can get an idea how huge this tree was. Roman is a 70 lb. dog, not a small guy.

I counted 57 rings, but I'm sure it's a lot older than that.

In rescue this week:  Pyr/Chow brothers William and Harry being transported from TN to Gulfport, MS to my friend George.  

The first driver did not follow my instructions, and needless to say, Harry escaped and what a fiasco.  Animal control was called to come with a loop to try and snag him.  They tried luring him into a yard by walking William, no luck.  Animal control was called again and actually was successful and got Harry back in the car.  This took hours, and poor George had to drive an extra four hours to meet the girls and get the dogs. 

This is Tina and Tami after capturing Harry and having a rest on the porch.  

George got them in his van and arrived home very late last night.  He is my "unofficial" trainer who will be working with the boys who are unsocialized so they can go to a farm in Upstate NY.

Sweet, gorgeous dogs that did not have a good owner.  George will work his magic.  Taking today off to do some gardening, not answering calls!

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