Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's Day

Woke up to the hugest flock of blackbirds I have ever seen.  I watched for what seemed like five minutes before getting my camera.  This is the tail end of the flock.

Lots of new blooms.

A friend's birthday, gifts for a "bath in the forest". 

Bath tea bags made with pine, fir, and redwood.

Pine soap that looks so pretty she may not want to use it.  All courtesy of entreprenuers on Etsy.

Remember T.V. trays?  Another friend's birthday coming up, a little table to take outside to hold a drink.

Rescue of the week (more like the month).  Fluffy came to the shelter beginning of January, was adopted for three days, bit the landlord, tried to bite the uncle, was put on Craigslist for free, no takers, returned to the shelter, now quarantined because of biting, now rescue only, no person could adopt.  Debra Harmon and I worked tirelessly on this boy.

We found a rescue to pull him and my friend and neighbor Kelly is adopting him!!

Happy Valentine's Day

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