Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Chocolate and Verdigris

The outside painting is moving along . . . slowly, but there is enough done in the courtyard to get a good feel of how the house will look in the end, and I love the deep rich chocolate color.

This color brings out the tones in the old brick and the surrounding greenery.   Eventually the windows will be re-puttied and painted the same color. 

The verdigris copper gutters even look better next to this color.  Verdigris is going to be my accent color for all outdoor adornment.  So far there are the verdigris gutters, weathervanes, and I now how some lighting for the front of the garage (soon to be Bob's man cave/office).

I had a few possibilities for lighting from Blue Moon, the antique lighting store in town, but nothing was perfect, until I saw these lights on Ebay from Virginia, a set of four with the copper that matched my gutters and simple enough for this 1940s bungalow. 

When I saw these, I knew I had to have them, and there was only one other bidder, and I won!  They will look fantastic on the front wall with new casement windows and Carolina siding.  We found a contractor that just moved here from York, PA, and we hit it off from the start.  He knew the look I was trying to get, and will start soon on replacing the front of the garage and finishing off the inside so that Bob has an office to work from home.  Stay tuned!
This week's rescue is Johnny from the LA floods who ended up in the shelter in Mobile, AL.  He, along with Raven and Copper needed rescue.  I worked with my friend Leigh Stonecypher to get these three rescues and get transports set up.  I had Raven for a few days and drove him to Columbia, SC on Saturday to go to my friend Stephanie in CT.  Copper went to my friend Alisha in GA, and I have John until Friday when I place him on transport to NY to my friend Toni with Heart Rescue.  A full couple of weeks to pull this off, so taking a much needed break to get back to painting.


Copper.  Three very lucky dogs!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Labor Day

 Goodbye summer and all the noisy people on the lake! 
Seventy percent of the people on the lake leave, and fall is the best time of  the year!  Back to kayaks!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Bedroom Hallway

Just another ugly, gloomy hallway, but a smaller one, off the bedroom and into the bathroom.  This has been my project for the past week.

Lots of scraping and sanding, my favorite thing to do, before painting.

When we looked at the house initially, this bathroom had a leak in the shower which caused so much mold in that room it had to be entirely ripped out and re-built.  The moisture from the leak peeled the paint on the plaster walls in both this hallway and the bedroom.

I decided to use Gray Owl, the trim paint color from the bedroom, for this hallway instead of all white like the main hallway, hoping it would not be too dark.  It really turned out nice with the white trim, and still-to-be-painted white ceiling.  I finally found a place for one of my watercolors I bought at a marketplace many years ago on a trip to Peru.

Looking from the bathroom into the hallway into the bedroom.

Looking from the bedroom into the hallway into the bathroom.

Up close view of floral watercolor done by a local artist in Peru.

These were also purchased in Peru, but I still need to find a place to hang them. 

Different things blooming in the garden signifying fall is approaching.

Lots of interesting shrooms, too!

On the rescue front, this is sweet senior Pixie in Indiana.  She is blind.  Pixie's owners have let her roam the town where she has stopped traffic and been picked up by AC many times and brought to the shelter and was returned to her owners.  This time the shelter reached out to chow rescue to get her in a safe home.  Here, poor Pixie fell into a window well of an apartment, and it rained on her all night.  I cannot believe she was not injured.

I had two adopters for Pixie, one in TX and one in PA, whichever I could set a transport up for first would win her.  Then a friend in MI chow rescue asked my permission to adopt Pixie, and it was decided that would be the best home for her.

This little guy reminded me so much of Daddy.  I worked on him all week.  I finally got a rescue in GA to take him and I was going to get him this weekend, but today a local rescue pulled him from the shelter.  I was very sad that I would not get to meet him because I had put so much time and effort into trying to save him.  Tomorrow will be a piece of cake going to work compared to the hours and headaches spent on trying to place this guy.

And this right here is a jar of Grapefruit Mojitos to reward myself for the long, hard week I had trying to save dogs.  Recipe found on Pinterest!