Monday, February 27, 2017

Another Frog & Swan tag sale led me to another unexplored section of Tryon.

The houses in this area continue to amaze me.  Every corner you turn there is another quaint home with old plantings and unique touches.

I rounded a corner to find the original St. Luke's Hospital (with no trespassing signs) which I ignored to get these photos, not knowing someone actually lives in a wing of this place!

He was a man in his 60s, I would guess, very gracious, a little eccentric.  I asked if there were any ghosts, he said just in the operating room EEEKK!

This place would make fantastic condos!

I want this brass door handle!

Another adorable cabin. Love the lanterns.

Moss lawns are everywhere.

On the homefront, the bark is in.  Jake is at the boathouse working this week, so the backsplash will be next in line.

Stopped by to see the start of the project.  Jake's help was a no-show, he was not a happy camper, but he has started the boardwalk.

After looking at many options for a kayak launch, this is the one we have chosen, made in SC and has a little step, very simple design.

The neighbor's retaining wall is finished.

Trays of seedlings have been started.

Working on the compost pile and getting my planting area ready for those seedlings.

I have been painting my bedroom.  New shades are up to replace the curtains.  The trim for the windows is finished, I am starting the walls this week, photos to come!

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