Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Udders, Udders Everywhere!

So . . . I get a call Friday night from my friend Debra who is working at her county's state fair, she is a food service inspector, and tells me if I can get there on Saturday, we can get as much free goat's milk as we can carry out.

At $15/gallon, no need to ask me twice!  I went through the house like my hurricane namesake and found as many plastic jugs that I could empty into Ball jars and pails with lids.

Left the house at noon on Saturday for my two-hour drive to where the fair was, and didn't get home until 10:00 that night.

We both felt bad for the goats having to carry that load all day long until judging.  They have to have full udders to be judged.  I asked Debra if all the judges are male . . . my joke went over her head, she was tired.

Last year the judging started a lot earlier and once judged, the goats are milked so they can travel home, but it was slow going and instead of 3:00 milk didn't start coming in until 5:00.

It was a hot day, and even hotter in the barns, but the goats were a lot of fun and there were so many different breeds.  I can see why people like them, they are very friendly and have personality!

These little guys were the first milked.

This guy is sound asleep.  Guess it's been a rough day for him, too.

Debra fell in love with a goat named "Arie" or maybe Arie fell in love with Debra!

These two!  Debra is so cute and tiny and photogenic.  She even looks good in 88 degrees!

Now she is thinking of adding goats to her farm.

Sweet faces

They all dress in white for the judging.

Blue-eyed beauty

Goat or camel?

We spent hours back in the milking room.  

Well worth it!  Debra also got milk the night before.  I think I got about $150 worth, maybe more.  We are going to have a better system in place next year and maybe another freezer to store more.  There is another show in a few weeks in another town . . . maybe?

Taking in some sun

It was a fun day and I got to spend a lot of time catching up with Debra, which we don't get to do too often living a few hours apart, but we are in constant contact regarding rescue.  The next day she commented that we didn't get a photo together.  I do everything I can not to get my photo taken lol.  What we do for our dogs!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Dodged the IRMA Bullet!

This hurricane could not make up its mind.  For many days we remained in the cone, and at the last minute she decided to get west.

It started to roll in last evening, wind gusts 32 mph instead of the predicted 70 mph.  Spent the day Saturday preparing the boathouse just in case and Sunday around the main house.   

Lots of water and downed limbs, no downed trees, which I was worried about and very happy about!  Contemplating going to FLA with friends like I did with Katrina.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

This House!

A Frog & Swan estate sale at a home owned by two weavers and potters.  The owner had passed away in November at the age of 101 and the house had not been touched in decades, and oh how I loved it!

The stonework, the grounds, the pool, the cozy rooms . . . the mold, the decay, the money it would cost to save this place, UGH.

With no family members to will it to, it was given to an organization that I hope will sell it or renovate it.

Paths everywhere, I walked and took photos. I was more interested in the house than the items for sale.

The second story was a total mess.  I would make this a one story, if I could renovate this place, but this view of the pool would be lost.

Rock was everywhere, walls, stairs, paths, boulders in the gardens.

A room off the back, all stone and windows, housed one of several looms.

The rooms were small and cozy, just the right size.  The chandelier was amazing and sold, but when cleaned, I can imagine how it brightened the room when it sparkled.

There were two tables in this room that I thought about all night and went back the next day and purchased.

These bushes covered the property and were in bloom.  Similar to a hydrangea, but no one knew what it was.

The fact that they were blooming in the shade was a plus, and Randy let me dig up a dozen or so, which I now have in pots and will plant once the weather is cooler.

One path led to an old log cabin that housed more looms.

Don't know the name of this plant, either, but also got a few of these that I put in my terracotta pots.

As luck would have it, the church sale was the same day, and I am glad I went there first, got a few items to sell, and could spend more time at the estate sale admiring the house.

And here they are, the two iron and glass tables that I bought from the estate sale.  Randy almost bought them himself.

They work so well in my sunroom giving it an open feel whereas the wood chest I had between the chairs blocked the view. 

I really love these, and if I can't have the house, at least I have something to remind me of it.  I will be back in the fall when the leaves are down and a waterfall in the back will be visible and take many more photos~