Tuesday, July 18, 2017

We Live in a Rain Forest

No drought this year!  Seems like every day for the past three months we get some form of rain, usually in the form of a thunderstorm. 

No matter where I am, the clouds start to gather and thunder starts to rumble, the skies open up.  

It has now switched from afternoon to evening and night.  One of the benefits of living in an isothermal belt?

The downside, lots of mud and squishy ground.

Steamy car windows.

Threats of tornadoes.

Flooded pathways.

There is an upside!  Beautiful moss on the bricks.

Roadsides lined with sunflowers, since we do get sun every day, too!

Lots of delicious tomatoes!
This week in rescue.  Scotch spent a night with us before going to my friend Denise in Houston with Houston Chow Chow Connection.  

For a laugh, Denise's chow sporting a Trump comb-over!

James Brown?  As I write, my kitchen floor is being sanded by Jake, reno photos to come!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Puppy Nightmare

So the rescue I work with in Lancaster, PA, asks if I can keep some puppies from GA for a few days.  I'm thinking puppies, 10, 15 lbs., will sleep a lot, easy.

Nope.  These guys are 25 to 30 lbs. and full of energy.  They are flat coat retrievers, a breed I know nothing about, sweet, pretty and way too much energy and the three feed off each other.

They were set to be killed on the day the rescue called the shelter.  She had adopters for them, so I just couldn't say no.  The boys were yet to be named, so this one I called Big. He is now named Lewie for Lewes, DE where they spend the summer.

This is their sister, who was named by the adopter, Piper.

And this one I called Little, my favorite, who is now named Murphy.

Not too thrilled to be going on transport.

Now this is what I consider a puppy!

Chow puppies only in the future.

The mess they left behind.  Muddy floors.

Soiled blankets.

Filthy windows.  I am happy to report their new families have them in training classes!

Adopters of Big and Little (Murphy).
Piper with her new dad.  She will have a golden retriever brother.

Friends Junus and Patti from Minnesota came for the 4th of July, former NC residents, and of course brought yet another dog for me to keep the following week named Sabrina who would be going to CT.  I can handle a senior!

As usual, the table is set, camera is on the counter ready for photos, we begin talking and eating, I forget the photos.  A house warming gift for their new home was a mercury glass fruit bowl found at an estate sale.

This is Sabrina.  She was a sweet, easy chow.

This week I was going to take a break . . . right.  My friend in Houston asked me to help her get this guy, who I have named Scotch, from SC to KY.  Bob will be driving him to TN on Saturday.  Just another week in rescue!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

We are one of the lucky ones to be in the path of the total solar eclipse in August from Oregon to South Carolina. Lots of eclipse parties will be going on, but we want to be far from the crowds and high up somewhere in the Nantahala Forest where there will be complete darkness at 2:30 pm for three minutes.

We live about an hour from the forest and among other preparations, we are trying to find the best recommended site for viewing and taking photographs.  They say the Smokey Mountains will have millions of visitors from all over the world.  I will finally be able to use that huge telephoto lens meant to take photos of the moon.  A special filter will need to be purchased as well as special viewing glasses for our eyes.

Even the US Post Office is celebrating the eclipse with special stamps.  Rub the stamp in a circular motion . . . 

. . . and the moon magically appears in front of the sun!  There are many sites to read up on this event that will not occur again for another 40 years!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Bit of This and That

So after seven months of not seeing my painter, I gave him a call.  He started another job and is not coming back.  So I am left with a house that is half dirty white and half chocolate brown.  Not pretty.

Luckily, my contractor's brother is selling his house in York, PA, and moving down and is a painter!  I am first on his list.  Hopefully his house sells soon.

In the meantime, I have started painting  the inside of the wood shed.  We need to have this done so our tree that fell in the pasture can be split and stacked in the shed by fall.  

On the inside, after nine months of trying to find a plumber, jackpot!  Our new Moen fixtures have been put on each bathroom sink and the pipes to the sink and tub have been replaced.  No more backup and things can finally be clean.

I love the new fixtures, so easy on the hands, and bigger and square.  The old fixtures were rusty and never stopped dripping.

Square to match the shape of the sink.

The magnolias are in bloom.  I cut one and brought it in to put in a vase, and I never knew what a wonderful fragrance it had.  Lemony!

 I think the bees love that fragrance, too!

Garden snapshots.

A lady from the Tryon Garden Club told me about a man with a shade plant nursery at his home called Plants A Plenty.  Saturday we went for a drive (first stop, a coffee milkshake at Rogers courtesy of Linda)  and learned a few things about ferns and azaleas. 

Love volunteer plants!

The boathouse is rented for the month of July and  rented two weeks in June.  With the earnings, we bought something I never knew existed, a weed eater on wheels!  This machine is nasty, but awesome! Until you go over a yellow jacket nest as I did today.  I escaped with only 3 stings, but wow do they hurt even hours later.

Gardenias the size of my palm.  All the weeks of rain have been very good for the garden.  The past few nights have been in the 50s with days in the low 80s and zero humidity and I could live with this weather forever!

On the tag sale front, look what I found for $8!!  Yes, this is a broadfork that I have dreamed of, but this one is metal and very heavy, so let's see how often it gets used!

Also found a set of these drink glasses with an Airstream on it, and they sold instantly on Ebay.

Also, 44 terracota tiles, hand painted from Arizona!

Came across this guy and I think he is a senior!

The baby cardinals in the nest outside my bathroom window have flown.

Camera shy!

Speaking of seniors, Bamboo on the left is 17 1/2 years old!  Panda is a mere 8 years old.

And as I write, Bob is making his way home from Georgia after being at a seminar and is bringing three four-month old flat coat retrievers home.  Amy of The Sebastian Foundation in Lancaster, PA, has adopters for all three, so I couldn't say no.  More photos to come of the pups (and I'm sure lots of poo and pee to clean up the next three days before they leave.  Not looking forward to that!)