Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

A quiet Christmas Eve at home.  This little tree was from our pasture.  Just a pine in a vase, but I really liked this tree with simple glass ornaments and a lantern, a few strands of fairy lights. 

The vintage tree topper was found at a church yard sale this summer for $1.

Cookies were baked this morning, boxed and put in the neighbors' mailboxes.

Homemade lasagne is the traditional Christmas Eve meal.  Bob makes the fresh noodles.

We start opening gifts on Christmas Eve and finish on Christmas Day.  A gift from Bob, Chow-Chow leggings perfect for kayaking.  Look closely!

A warm Christmas day, 67 degrees, a soft breeze and a very quiet lake for kayaking.  Even ended up getting sunburn!

Warm enough for turtles to sunbathe.  This log was covered, they all jumped in when they saw me coming, and this was the only brave turtle left that I got a photo of. 

The muscovy duck wanted his photo taken. 

A funky little boathouse getting a facelift.

One of my favorite houses on the lake.

This newly painted boathouse now a lovely blue.

Back in the Town of Tryon, a tree that had fallen is now a carved bear.  Everyone here is an artist, even with a chainsaw!

A warm pink sunset to end the day.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas. . . All That Glitters

Trees are up, presents are wrapped, everything is mailed!

Rescue friends that already got a framed chow print got a felt bone keychain this year.

Many new rescue friends this year got the annual framed chow print!

Glittered cards have been mailed.

The nature theme always finds its way into my wrapping paper.

Every year you find that one perfect gift for someone.  I thought my mother's 21-inch computer monitor was it until I found this cutting board for my nephew and his girlfriend who like to cook.

Already planning next year's tree, which will be a live tree, and will take a year to make the ornaments.  Hope I can find the time to do crafts!

I love my glitter tree topper that I found at World Market.  Can't get much more glitter than this!

Not much thought went into the mantel, which was a last-minute effort, just lined up all the characters.

Love the fiber optics at night, from Ikea.

Today is baking day, then preparing the house for guests who will be visiting and getting an Irish coffee and cookies.  With the temps in the 60s, hope to throw a kayak in the water Christmas morning.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Twice this week we've had to take the trip to Charlotte.  First was Saturday evening for Bob's office party at his boss's house.  My anniversary gift to Bob was going to the party (I really  didn't want to go) and letting him take a photo, which is another thing I'm not fond of.  Ends up the party was dinner with only the office staff and was an enjoyable evening. 

Next was Tuesday for our loan closing on the house refinancing.  A friend said the only reason to go to Charlotte was to go to Amelie's a French bakery and cafe, so we did!

A cafe creme and sandwich, then pastries to take home.

A fun quirky atmosphere.

We took home a Napoleon and Galetaux to split.

Had to show off the bling!