Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

A few weeks back an email came across my computer from Martha's Mutt Movers.  She was trying to coordinate getting Harvey from Florida to Illinois and they had some legs that were not covered from Atlanta to Knoxville going through Chattanooga.  Bob had been wanting to go to both cities to some enormous book stores, so I signed him up for the job!  Here is Bob with Harvey at his drop-off for the next driver.  I had fun watching the chatter on the computer all day as to where Harvey was and what he was doing.  We can hopefully help Martha out again and save another dog's life.
The next weekend, Mother's Day weekend, was the annual Botanical Garden Tour, which we haven't missed in 20 years.  The weather was the best it's ever been, very cool, and the gardens were fantastic.  The gardens this year were more textural in nature with less flowers, but very beautiful. We took 500 photos, so here is a sampling of the tour for those who couldn't go.  Lots of beautiful sculptures adorned these gardens, my favorite being the Indian girl at the top of my blog.

Then an email came from Julie asking me to foster Wolf, now called Woofie, who had been in the shelter for two months and they were no longer going to hold him.  I had him for five days and fell in love with this sweet, beautiful chow chow.  He looks like he could be Geisha's long lost brother.  Terri, Julie's friend who had adopted Mimi from her was coming through on a camping trip with the "sisters on the fly", a group of girls that get together with their vintage trailers.  Sounds like fun.  We met on Sunday and Mimi and Woofie hit it off!  I hated to see him drive off, but knew Panda would not accept a young male, but he is in good hands with Julie. 
This is Mimi and Terri, ready for their ride back to TN with Woofie.

Woofie, I miss you, and I will be keeping tabs on you!
              Off to Philadelphia next week for my mother's birthday, dinner with Sue and my brother, going to Bartram's Garden and Chanticleer with my mom, then will be home the following week.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Love Brewing Company

Going on right now, at www.lovebrewingcompany.com (streams) live chat with my nephew and his buds all about LOVE, Saturday 4:30 p.m. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Too Many Plants

Never thought I'd say that!  So many seedlings since we had a warm winter, I will only have to plant sunflowers and vegetables.  I started making paper pots to sell seedlings in and give away to friends, but there were so many, it was just too daunting.
This is as far as I got.
Everything seems to be blooming at once.  There is so much honeysuckle the air even inside the house is strong with perfume.
The Eden rose put on a good show this year . . .
as did the Sweet Williams . . .
the lettuce . . .
and this wildflower whose name I don't know and will have to look up.
Potting up plants to go has been another daunting task.  They had to be potted before it got too hot, then will be planted in NC in the fall.
Same goes for the boxwoods, six of which are huge and in the pasture in burlap.
Could not leave my beautiful and rare Chinese Butterfly Roses, either.
It is good to have all that done, but I'm sure I will be digging up more as I walk the dogs and spy another plant I just won't leave behind.  At least I have found a use for my walking stick that Cotton made for me a few years back.  With Helga new to the pack, it's good to have something along for the walk, just in case!
She's actually been a very good dog (except still working on liking the cat), but she is best friends with the other three, so I don't use my stick often, just when Panda is in a "mood". For anyone who would like trays of plants, I have cleome, cosmos, porcelain berry vine, trumpet vine, nandina, persicaria (painter's palette) and lots of morning glory.  I also just found a spot with a whole bunch of baby foxglove for next year, so there you go, I will be potting more seedlings!  Planning for a trip to Philadelphia for my mom's birthday and going to Landsford Canal State Park in SC to kayak and see the largest colony of Rocky Shoals Spider Lilies in the world.  Have been wanting to do that for some time, so it will be a while before I write again!