Monday, December 23, 2013

First Day of Winter & My Christmas Brunch

I awoke to a hot pink sky that faded to yellow and I knew the weather was going to be a problem for my brunch.  Even in the South, 72 degrees in December is unusual.  Flooding rains predicted with tornadoes.  Let the fun begin!

The table was set the night before. Greens and berries all from my trees and bushes, old linens and pinecone candles set the theme for a woodland table.

Since everything I own is packed for a move, numerous stops to the Goodwill helped me provide some wintery glassware.  At the last minute I pulled out some paper reindeer antlers for my guests to wear to get them in the holiday spirit.

That's Jacqui's mom on the left visiting from Boston, April, Bob's sister, me, Sam, Jacqui's boyfriend, and my best friend Jacqui.

Same photo, except with Bob making some goofy facial expressions.  That's anybody's guess!

Also snagged this week at the Goodwill, five Wedgewood-like highball glasses from the '50s for only $6.  Perfect for my eggnog, which has a touch of gingerale and vanilla ice cream.

Last month I found this heavy glass pitcher for only $1.91, which came in handy, too.  Fruit cake sent in a big Harry & David basket from my favorite Aunt Bert!

After brunch we drove to Kathy & Rick's home in a torrential downpour to meet them for the first time.  They adopted Colbie, a chow Jacqui and I saved at the shelter, who then traveled to TN only to return to GA. 

We talked for hours, mostly about chows because this is the first dog Kathy and Rick have ever had.  Good choice getting a chow!  We now have two new friends because of rescue.  That is one of the great benefits!

This is Colbie.  I had named her Ginseng, then she went to her foster in TN whose little girls named her Crystal, then when Kathy & Rick adopted her, they named her Colbie.  She is the one who has brought so many people together!  Next will be Christmas Eve at the new theater with Barcalounger chairs and a bar in the lobby to see the Hobbit in 3D, whoo hoo, driving around to look at lights, then to Jacqui's we go for Christmas dinner!  Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Elusive Barred Owl

We've been listening to this owl at night for years, so close to the house, but we could never see him.

Then yesterday in broad daylight on one of my walks with the dogs, our chow Geisha spied him in the tree.

I ran all the way home to get my camera knowing full well he would be gone with all the dogs staring at him, but by time I got back he was still there!

He sat there for quite some time being bothered by little birds, dogs gazing up at him, and me trying to take a few good shots before the sun went down.

I just love it when I get a present like this from nature!

Monday, December 16, 2013

found it on Pinterest, which I just joined!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

David and his Husky Reindeer!

David got the best Christmas photo of him and his dogs I've seen so far.  The expressions on the dogs' faces are priceless!  David is looking good as usual! (Click on photo to enlarge to get the full effect of his dog on the right!)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ready for the Holidays

The "Princess" tree is up and looking like a large version of a Victorian bottle brush tree.  A friend talked me into unpacking my glass woodland ornaments, and I'm happy I did. 

The tree skirt is a vintage granny square afghan found at a flea market.

The star is from grapevine covered in lots of starry lights.

One of my newest finds, the pileated woodpecker.

Lots of gnomes, crows, mushrooms and feather balls.

One of my favorite things to do at Christmas is to send a gift to unsuspecting people, and this year I have made so many friends in chow rescue, I thought a print of a chow done by what looks like a child would be fun to send to them all, so I copied and framed nearly a dozen to be sent to PA, MD, NC, MA, VA, NY, TN, and FLA!

My family and friends' gifts were wrapped in paper covered in antlers with red or green ribbons.

I will not be hosting a big dinner for friends this year, but instead will be serving a brunch, which I really enjoy doing.  It will be a challenge to set the table with everything in boxes ready for the move, but I'm sure I can pull it off.  I'm actually relaxed this year with so little to do, and it's a nice change of pace!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Next December You Could Be Looking at Ray!

Our friend Ray made the 2014 Kilted Up calendar.  He is "Mr. December" and looking very dapper, if I do say so myself, but no freebie looksies!

Buy it for your friends or yourself at Wild Eyed Southern Celt, a mere $15 bucks!