Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

Some friends are using the boathouse this weekend and we're getting puppies for a week!  Should be having some puppy pool parties!
Catrina and Sadat, rescue friends from SC, enjoying the boathouse.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Holy Hostas!

It all started with asking my mom to bring a couple hostas from her yard when she came to visit.  Instead of a dozen, I think I got 100!

I am plugging them in along paths and down at the farmhouse and will be taking some to the boathouse. My gnome seems pretty happy to have his own hosta!

What I haven't been able to get to this week I put in pots to plant in the near future.

Spirea is blooming.

Tomatoes are coming in strong.  Started with 30, down to 25 between wind storms and rabbits.

Next big project, getting the house painted.  I have talked to our painter, Shaggy, who was scheduled for May, now it's June.  I hope this doesn't turn out the same way it did with the plumbing.  I may just have to hire Ivan Yoder, the local Amish painter who gets the job done, but at twice the cost.  I have my color chosen, same as what I used on the farmhouse doors and windows, a deep chocolate.  It will be a big difference and I think I will love it!

Scored some 1960s mushrooms at the hospice store!

Rose Campions I got out of the gravel parking lot of the post office are doing fantastic!  I love free plants!

Willow was my big rescue project this weekend.  A Georgia rescue asked if I could last minute set up a volunteer transport from Memphis, TN, to GA and I have such a great team of drivers, we got her out and to GA late Sunday night!  She is a happy girl and the rescue let me name her!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Goofin' Off - No Reno This Week

My mother relaxing and taking in the view while . . . 

. . . my goofy brother and his wife and I climbed to the point pictured above him. 

It was a great weekend, beautiful weather, lots of things to do and lots of fun!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Down to Earth

Down to Earth is a nursery down on the main road from the boathouse.  After two years, I finally stopped to check it out and was surprised!

They have a great variety of plants, all very healthy, just a little pricey, but you pay for the quaint atmosphere and the convenience of it being right there at the lake.

Since I was on my way to open the boathouse for the summer and to have it ready for my guests, I splurged and bought some lantana and Cuphea, better known as cigar plant, a plant very hard to come by and that I have always loved, and so do the hummingbirds.

I also painted the boring beige door a bright green which I have been wanting to do for some time and I think it looks fantastic. 

   The tiny farmhouse is clean and has water, the boathouse is clean and ready for a bbq and kayaking on the lake, just have to deal with the main house!