Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Boathouse Update

The boardwalk is in, and I can't tell you how much we love this easy walk from the stairs to the dock without stepping on cinder blocks and walking on wet pebbles.  Should have done this years ago!

Jake restacked the rock column that was thrown under the stairs by the previous contractor eight years ago. 

Now to pick a deck stain to match the old dock, yet another project.

As anyone who has renovated an old structure knows, when things get ripped off, there is usually a can of worms opened and that happened with our siding we were going to just repair, but now has to be replaced.  There was never any flashing on the bottom and the water just kept splashing up and rotting things away. 

We were going to replace the roof, and I was picking out the roofing to go up when we found out that the siding should really be replaced, so now we will be patching the roof.  Jake suggested we also replace the dock on this side where we need to attach the new kayak launch, so that was done, too. 

I have been painting for three years now and will probably have to have the paint roller surgically removed from my hand.  I changed the color slightly from plain old black to "deep forest" a green that is almost black.  I can't wait for the day the boathouse, farmhouse and main house all have their coats of paint and I can sit back and finally enjoy it all!

Have to be careful painting on this little dock, water is too cold to want to plunge into right now.

Our boathouse neighbor, Dave, has two boathouses that he connected with a waterfall.  It is impressive and sounds so soothing.  That's Dave and his friend below.  Jake and I are up on the street looking down.

No rescue work to speak of this week, just helped a senior Akita get out of shelter in Memphis for a Florida Akita rescue.  Instead, I offered to cook a meal for a man in our community that had a water heater blow up in his face and got third degree burns on his face, hands and arms.  His wife had just had back surgery three weeks prior.  They own a large horse farm, so volunteers were doing barn chores and cooking meals for all. 

My meal consisted of orange almond salad with a balsamic reduction, chicken divan crepes and a chocolate roulade sponge cake. 

Everything was labeled and packaged.

Enough for Eric and Tracey and the three girls doing evening barn chores.

Another new route to their farm to deliver the dinner, barns and old homes along the way.

Renovatio' Farm is their big, beautiful farm.

 I went to the stables to deliver dinner.  No one can be around Eric because of chance of infection.  He just had cadaver skin grafted to his hands, but said to be in good spirits and healing well.

This is their home with a panoramic view of the mountains, which could be better seen in person due to the fog and it being dusk.   There will be a dinner for all who contributed in the coming weeks at a local restaurant so the couple can thank all who helped. 

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