Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day 1 of 2017!

Started the morning off with some awesome popovers.

Stu & Linda came over for an Irish coffee and to see the progress on the house.  I got to use my vintage mugs.  I should have company more often!

Bob liked it so much, he had two!

My birthday is the week between Christmas and New Years, and this year I got some really nice gifts.  This vintage deer candle is from Linda and will be on the mantle once it is cleared of the Christmas decor.

Debra bought me some very comfortable garden clogs depicting a Holstein cow to remind me of my cow Roxanne. 

Linda also gave me these beautiful, tall beeswax candles handmade by a friend of hers.   They are also going on the mantle.

Bob bought the shoes that have been on my Pinterest board for a couple of years.  They are very comfortable.

The word is out that I like owls and glitter!

My biggest and best birthday surprise came from my mom, 15 lbs. of mealworms that will lure in the bluebirds!  Unfortunately they are made in China, so time to look for a USA source, which friends are already tagging me on (lol).

The week before Christmas I was asked by Heart Rescue of NY to see if I could get Zeus out of a Montgomery, AL, shelter and to my friend Alisha in GA.  DONE!!  Zeus was adopted and in a home in NJ within six days, fastest  save and adoption ever!!

Zeus with my friend David in Atlanta being driven on transport.  I think he's relaxing after being in the shelter for months.

This is Dutch, a senior in a horrible shelter on the other side of NC.  I have two girls going to evaluate him today with their dogs.  If he passes, he will be out of the shelter and I will be setting up a transport to Jacksonville, FL, to my good friend Valerie who wants to adopt him.

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS:  Portion control and finish painting     EVERYTHING!  

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