Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter Arrived . . . unfortunately

Saturday morning we woke up at 7 am to 5 to 8 inches of powder.

A winter wonderland.

The chows went to the pasture where it was the deepest and enjoyed it.

Lots of walks.

Lord Roman can't get any happier!

The wind began to kick up and started blowing the snow off the limbs.

The new paint color looks so much better in the snow!

A few hours later, the sky began to clear and turned a beautiful turquoise. 

The photos look like postcards.  This place is so beautiful.  I am lucky to live here.

Bamboo bowing to the snow.

Even the old man has a smile on his face.  Never too cold for a chow, but too cold for his masters!

This morning the sun was coming up and flocks of robins were singing.  I think they know it is going to be 70 degrees on Friday, and I must say, I am looking forward to that.  One week of winter is enough for me!

Learning the functions of my new telescopic lens.  This shot is the house way up there on the top of the mountain taken with my camera.

Same house with the telescopic lens.  I found out it definitely will have to be mounted on the tripod because of the weight which makes my hand shake.  Also need to learn to focus.  I had no idea what this house looked like.  Next photo, with some practice, should be clear and detailed.

On the rescue front, this is Leo.  I pulled him four years ago from a Georgia shelter and drove to meet my friend from Jacksonville so she could adopt him.  

Sadly, Leo passed a few months ago unexpectedly and Valerie and I started looking at seniors in shelters for her to adopt.  Valerie is on the left and her granddaughter Stephanie is on the right.  

Valerie saw Dutch in an NC shelter and had to have him.  My friend Betty kept him for the week while I set up a volunteer transport for Saturday.  Then news of the storm coming, and I scrambled to get him on the road Friday to his new home.  He made it and is doing great with Muffin and KoKo!  Val hasn't changed in four years!

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