Monday, November 21, 2016

Bob's 60th

The big six-0! Lots of gifts for the new office/man cave.  I spent a few days trying to put this all together, didn't have much luck with the chair arms, but aside from that, the computer table and chair from IKEA were ready and an art display bin from Dick Blick to hold Bob's artwork will all go into the new room Thanksgiving weekend. 

Wrapping all of this was not an option, so since I have been working on getting some x-mas lights working, why not?!

With all the workers here, painters, switching our internet provider, and everything so crazy, baking a cake was not going to happen, so a cupcake will do!

I did, however, find the time to make the Pioneer Women's potato au gratin recipe, cheese, cream and potato heart attack!  Hopefully a nice bottle of red will counteract some of that!

Beautiful Ginko in town.

Since Bob's birthday was on a Wednesday, we planned to have lunch in Asheville on Saturday as a birthday extension.  As you can see, the smoke is still heavy, and they expect it to be here until March.  Still no rain and lots of wind.  We actually had a 20-acre fire down the road from us, which they contained.  The ban on burning includes fires in the fireplace.  One day of rain, that's all we need!

Gan Shan Station has been on our list of restaurants to try and it did not disappoint.  I wish I could make healthy food taste like this!  Next on the list is Taco Temple across the street. Gan Shan Station is close to the Grove Park Inn.  Gan Shan means Sunset Mountain.

Rice bowls with marinated veggies and tofu.  Best rice I've ever had!

Our thinking was that we would go to Asheville for lunch, Christmas shop since no one would be there like after Thanksgiving . . . WRONG!! Who would have thought they would be having a Christmas parade the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving??  No place to park, crowded streets and stores.  Looks like I'll be shopping online this year.

Had to laugh, someone was dressed as a bear, but I didn't have my camera ready.

I have to admit, I did like the parade, though, some really cute characters.

Popped into a few stores that were dressed for Christmas just to look, not to shop.

Mushrooms at Anthropologie

Back on the homefront . . . 

. . . my antique lights are on the front of the man cave, and I love them.

Inside the man cave, the insulation is up and the spotlights in the peak of the ceiling adding a lot of much-needed light.  

I love how empty it is!  That won't last long.  The guys just laugh at me wanting to get Bob and his "stuff" out of the house and into his own room.

The ceiling fan was replaced with a WWII plane propeller fan, which all the guys liked.  It's definitely a "guy fan" and looks so neat in this room with all the exposed wood and goes with the era of the house.  Found at Lowes!

Jake is doing a great job with everything, very much a detail guy.

Struck gold at an estate sale, so will be putting items up on Ebay and in my Etsy shop while the crew comes with the sheetrock for the walls.  This is a four-day process, so I may have a Mexican crew here for Thanksgiving.  That could be fun! 

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