Friday, November 4, 2016

Garage to Man Cave, Part I

This week the ugly "fill-in" of the garage door was replaced with beautiful Carolina siding and new casement windows, the beginning of what will be Bob's office/man cave.

A cement foundation was poured in the front and a lot of asphalt was removed from the driveway in front where I will plant flowers next spring.  The dogs have to monitor everything new.

We are so pleased with Jake, our contractor, from York, PA.  He has an eye for the aesthetic, something no contractor I have ever dealt with has had.  When selecting the Carolina siding, he made sure he got the waviest and placed them just so.

I like how he placed the dip in the board just below one of the windows.

He had some old copper flashing he placed above each window, which will eventually verdigris to match the light fixtures that will be placed by each window on Monday.

Today Shaggy is priming and painting so the fixtures can be attached on Monday.  Jake has a deck to build next week, so it may be another week before the inside sheet rocking and painting begins.  This section of the house now looks like it belongs!

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