Monday, November 14, 2016

NC Wildfires

Found this photo of the Party Rock fire at Lake Lure near the Village of Chimney Rock, which was being evacuated on Friday. The closest fire to us is about 20 miles away, but the air is thick with smoke, lots of state parks closed and roads going up the mountain closed.

Today the smoke is by far the worst, very hard to breathe outside and the winds don't seem to help.  It has been four months since we've seen rain.  A lot of trees are dying.  There is a water ban and burning ban, no fires even allowed in fireplaces.  

This was early afternoon yesterday on the way to the stables to get manure for my compost pile.

The smoke didn't stop the horse event, which I was happy about, always needing more manure.  Heading back today to get another load.

Since a hike was out of the question this Sunday, we went to another church yard sale and came upon this vintage Falkenstein lamp for $5!  Falkenstein made lamps in Philadelphia from the '40s to the '60s.  We saw some selling for hundreds of dollars on Ebay, so this will be an exciting sale.   I am happy to say this tacky lamp is not one that I want to keep!

To me, it looks like a Chinese lantern or maybe poinsettias, which would make for a nice Christmas lamp.

I did, however, find a nice little milk glass lamp for $4 and a pair of Mid Century Modern turned walnut lamps for $12 that look so nice in my living room, but also sell for hundreds of dollars.  They are solid wood and must weigh 10 pounds!  Now this pair I would love to keep, but if they get a good offer, I will have to let them go.  Today the electrician will be here to put up the lighting and fan in Bob's new office.  Photos to come!

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