Wednesday, November 9, 2016


The autumn dilemma:  Where do I put ALL THESE LEAVES?  

While the weather is still warm, outdoor cleanup and winter prep is top priority before moving back indoors to continue to paint.

Last year some paths were cleared as a good place to haul the leaves to mulch into new paths.  This year I added a new path off the front lawn, which will serve as another dumping ground for leaves and a nice walk through a canopy of trees.

First I mowed through the ivy, then started placing the raked leaves as a new path foundation.

I spent the whole weekend raking the old-fashioned way and hauling the leaves to the paths.  Today, high gusts of wind are bringing down the next round of leaf cleanup.

This path was cleared last year.  It is the circular path in the azalea garden and goes past the chicken coupe. 

Once spread out, the leaves make a nice mulch which is pleasant to walk on.

The camellias are coming in strong despite not having had rain in over four months.  I actually am looking forward to a rainy day.

Aside from the leaves, there is the never-ending job of getting ivy and wisteria off of trees and bushes and cutting back elaeagnus. A lot of it is turning brown and will end up as fire starter in the fireplace.
I think I may start gardening the way Kelly does!! I met Kelly recently at the Garden Patch in town.  She is the owner. We started talking about so many things and found out she bought the house Bob and I thought we were going to buy, The Log House!

This is the log house I fell in love with, but it wasn't meant to be. You can see The Log House tour when we looked at it in the Sept. 9, 2012, post.

I hope to visit this place again and see what Kelly has done.  I know she is working hard on restoring her garden, as am I.

The new room is painted!

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