Tuesday, March 29, 2016


A few treats in an old sap bucket.

Two months later, my enormous camellia is still loaded with flowers and buds.

Everything is blooming, even the thistles.

It was my friend Debra's birthday, and she loves carrot cake.  These carrot cake cookies were in an issue of Martha Stewart Living, so I made a batch for her and took the drive over to her house with a candle from Athropologie.

Debra lives on the other side of Tryon, 15 minutes from me, the equestrian section of our town.  Some snapshots along the way.

I have had my eye on this old fountain and pump since I moved here.  I hate to see it in disrepair, but I think it would be impossible to move and erect even if the owners were willing to give it up.

Back on my road.

Just in time to capture the moon rising.

Morris the horse is everywhere in this town, even on the recycling bins!

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