Thursday, March 10, 2016

Touches of Spring

The tulip magnolia is in full bloom as seen from my living room.

Time to get the winter theme off the mantle and add some signs of spring.  I just found this faux bois rabbit, of all places, at a grocery store on my trip to Florence, SC.

A lot of my winter pieces blend right into spring with the addition of some metal hyacinths and rabbits.

My chocolate bunny acquired a moss mat from World Market.

This is Charlie, a husky that I brought home from an NC shelter.  It took weeks of networking, but I finally got a Florida husky rescue thanks to my friend Francia, to take him into their rescue.

Charlie spent a few days at our house, so it gave me time to get lots of good photos for the rescue to use to get him adopted. 

He was one of the sweetest huskies I've had visit so far, and I loved his compact size, a mere 53 lbs. 

Yesterday I did the first three hours of the transport to Florida.  He was a pleasure to have.  I love the blue eyes that are a husky trait.

Now it's back to getting some things accomplished around the house and yard.  We actually had a surprise for the tiny farmhouse.

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