Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Another Stone Path

On my weekly prowl at the Habitat store, I spied these vintage hedge clippers for $9, and I actually left without buying them.  As the week went on and I started to do some outside cleanup, I realized I could really use those clippers for the big holly that needs trimming, so back I went, and they were still there!  They are heavy, still sharp, and I'm glad they are now mine!

Everything is emerging, hostas, ferns, perennials.

Another bird house gets erected.

Flowering Quince

Why is it I go outside to trim hedges, feed hydrangeas, and somehow I notice a stone sticking out under the ivy, so I get the shovel and starting digging, next thing I know I'm unearthing yet another stone path?  

This is the maple I transplanted last month in place of a huge bush that I took down.  The stone path goes right past it and around to the other side of the house.  I love that it was the original path that winds between my maple and six hydrangeas that I planted on the other side.  One day there will be lots to view from this path.

Ivy and mud covered the stones.  A lot of big roots needed to be cut away.

Couldn't pass up the last pussy willow bush at the garden center.  I have always loved them, but now where to plant it?

Hellebores brought from Georgia are now emerging.  The kitchen at the tiny farmhouse is painted!

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