Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hidden Surprises

So far, not much "renovating" going on.  Still unpacking, and seems that all I do is move stuff around trying to find things and reorganize.  I can't wait until the fun part, painting, decorating and hanging paintings, gardening and all the things that will make this a pretty home.  There is an occasional surprise, like this pretty copper planter that was found under a pile of wood scraps as I was cleaning out the wood shed.  
Then one night looking at the black and white photos of when the house was first built, I noticed a brick path leading from the mudroom/laundry room to the front courtyard.  I immediately went out with a shovel and started digging under 4 inches of dirt and ivy, and there it was!  From time to time I am taking a break from the unpacking and going out to unearth the walkway.  This part of the yard has lots of sun, so this is where I will have my herb garden once the ivy is gone.  Don't worry, there is plenty of ivy to go around, seems that stuff was popular in the '40s!
Also found in the wood shed was an old oak ironing board with a cute little sleeve board above it.  Very well-made and something that would be very fitting in the guest farmhouse. All it needs is a pretty new cover.

I did get one wall in the mudroom painted out of necessity so that Bob could put up the Elfa shelving and I could get cleaning products off the kitchen table.  This is Eddie Bauer's "Porcini" found at Lowe's.  It's dark, but with a white ceiling and having dogs in the mudroom, I think it will be the perfect color.  I will be starting to paint Bob's bathroom this week since it's the ugliest room in the house.  I planned on painting it a mossy green, but Bob said he wasn't  a "green" person, so he chose a color that will be very different, but I think will look very nice.  I have big plans for his bathroom!

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