Monday, June 23, 2014

Farmhouse Boxwoods Are In!

Last week I had to concentrate on getting my bare-root boxwoods planted.  I have had them for 10 years and couldn't leave them behind.  In my head I was going to plant them around the main house brick courtyard, but there was not enough room, so down to the farmhouse they went, and I think it worked out better.  They really dress the place up.  I first had to remove some bushes I do not know the name of, then take the pick ax and go to work.

As you can see, not much has come off the porch as of yet since I'm still unpacking in the main house, but this weekend Bob and I plan on working hard to get it looking a little better.

These were big boxwoods, worth lots of $$ and I had considered selling them to my friend Cleve who works as a landscaper for a shop in Atlanta called Boxwoods, but I knew I wouldn't be able to afford to buy them again, so I dug them up, put them in burlap and hauled them down to the pasture to sit and wait for the move.  It was well worth it!

We did manage to get some work done on the porch, and with the greenery, it's starting to look more welcoming.

I even painted a strip of "Oyster" on the porch post to get an idea of how the farmhouse will brighten up when painted.  Roman was kind enough to stand still for a minute behind the paint swatch and to enhance it with his black coat.

Also this week, Bob just happened upon some local egg source, and I was very happy!  These are cute little Bantam eggs, only $1 a dozen!

Roman got a surprise in the mail, a ThunderShirt from his Auntie April, and it works!  Video was posted on Facebook.

I am back to making my dogs' food and not buying canned.

Jacqui stopped by for lunch and a visit on her way home from Boston.  This is her man Kashi, a smooth blue.  Such a sweet chow!

And the sunsets here are beautiful.  I need to remember to take my camera on the last dog walk of the night.  An owl flew through on the last walk.

Can't really say what the next post will be, I never know what I'm going to accomplish in a week.  Still can't wait to get to the painting and decorating!

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