Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving, No Muss, No Fuss Holidays!

Started the turkey late since we had no guests, ate about 8 pm.  Waiting so long made it taste even better.  First time for Trader Joe's free-range turkey in brine, worth every penny!  Maple bourbon gravy, courtesy of the Beekman Boys recipe.     
First time to do stuffing on the stove instead of the oven, turned out ok.
Cranberry-cherry sauce, also courtesy of  "The Boys."
Next day, cut a small cedar tree on our property, part of the "no muss, no fuss" theme this xmas, and an added plus, it's free!
Small, but fragrant, light and airy as you can see by the way Bob can carry it in one hand!
Lettuce is growing for xmas salad.  Half the turkey was cut and put in the freezer for xmas turkey chili, again, "no fuss, no muss"!
Just had to take a photo of how wonderful the pansies and violas are looking.
Panda awaits the next round of turkey treats at xmas.

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