Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Am Now A True Believer!

Halloween Cemetery Tour at Historic Oakland Cemetery

You will notice that as soon as I entered the cemetery, almost every photo was blurred. I worked very hard at getting good photos, and just a few came out clear, but the deeper I got into the cemetery and as night fell, the photos got worse!  Is this just a weird coincidence? 

This night was not meant to be anyway.  I was running 45 minutes behind schedule, Bob was running over two hours behind schedule.  Dinner was a blurr so that we could get to the tour in time. 

As we stood in line, one of the hosts said not to worry about an umbrella, he checked the radar and we were in the clear. WRONG!

Of course, the rain waited until we were deep in the cemetery and we ended up soaked to the bone and chilled as well because it was the cold front that the next day brought snow to the Northeast.

At least the camera's night scene flash was doing it's job because some of these photos look like it's daytime and at least you can see the beautiful mums and asters, but yet, still blurred.

The blurring actually makes the tourists with their umbrellas look like ghosts, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining since it was a Halloween tour.

I'm not a big fan of guided tours, and at different spots in the cemetery there would be a person that is buried in the cemetery telling about their life in the 1800s.  I was hoping more for a history lesson on the different tombstones and sections of the cemetery as we stood there in the pouring rain.

This is my favorite statue in the cemetery.  It is a beautiful lion which reminds me of my beloved chow-chow Emperor Bamboo.  Now, I stood here and took several photos and made sure I was by myself, no interference, and look, still blurred!

All in all it was a night of horrors, and I would not recommend the tour, but I highly recommend walking the cemetery in the daytime because it is the most beautiful I've seen, except for maybe a few I saw in New Orleans.  I will return and get clear photos and show you what you missed.

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