Monday, December 5, 2011

The Holiday Season Has Begun!

A cherished antique pinecone elf from West Germany found by my mother at a yard sale almost 30 years ago is one of my prized Christmas curios I keep in my cupboard with glass doors year round.
Packages are ready to be mailed.  Somehow a theme started with elves and snowflakes.
My favorite wrapping this year with felt ribbons.
The tree is simple with it's own theme of mushrooms and icicles.
A glass hummingbird is my new ornament to add to my collection.
Saturday night was the first holiday party of the season at "Salt".
A beautiful old brick building with unique lighting newly added, which I was trying to capture in this photo.
Dressed for the holidays!
Fried garbanzos, ceasar salad and cappicola, all very tasty.
A good start for the first week of December!

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