Monday, November 7, 2011

Hoop Greenhouse at Moss Hill Farm

Saturday morning Floyd was kind enough to invite a group of us to help learn and construct one of his 10 x 90 foot hoop greenhouses to be used for the winter CSA.  Floyd, a former builder, had great tips for the construction and has perfected the system, and I wanted to learn so that I could construct a small version on a budget.  Justin, Bonnie & Melody are measuring and putting in the rebar every five feet
Michelle & Floyd are pounding in the T-bars which will go down the center of the greenhouse
At the bottom of the rebar is a clip for the ropes that will be placed over the plastic.  The washer is for the PVC pipe to sit on and hold the clip in place
The PVC was placed down on the rebar
Next, the plastic will go over the PVC, no small feat with the wind today!
Floyd is a fabulous farmer, just look at that swiss chard!
At either end of the greenhouse, metal was used instead of PVC for strength
Melody wants a hoop house so she can put chairs and a table inside and have tea.  It is very cozy inside one of these, especially on a cold, windy day
On the metal ends, Floyd puts "wiggle wire" in to hold the plastic.  I didn't ask him if that's the technical term for this wire, but I'm sure Home Depot will know what I'm talking about, right?
Justin putting in the wiggle wire, a better picture of it
April joined the group later and announced she is pregnant.  Congratulations!
Rope is placed on each side of the PVC then attached to the clip at the bottom
The finished product, one of many that Floyd will be constructing
Floyd's wife made vegetable soup and bread for the group.  The greenhouse only took two hours to construct.  At 2:00 there was a composting class, but I was headed out to get my supplies for my hoop house. 

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