Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Tag Sale'n I Must Go!

Wasn't expecting this tag sale to be such a good one.  I spent two hours digging through things and getting so much for just two and $3 apiece!

I found this neat British folding hiking chair/walking stick in the garage.  Had to pay a whopping $6 for it.  It has a leather seat!

Lipper and Mann bluebird salt and pepper, which go for $35!

Embroideries and vintage purses.

Hammered aluminum trays.

This is an antique miner's lunch box and I found a deco mushroom light bulb inside!

After the sale, made my way to the lake.

Only a few hours of painting, didn't get far.  Winds picked up, so I will be back later to do some more. 

My neighbor had mentioned to Jake she was hoping I would paint it a different color than black.  I did!  This color is called "Deep Forest".  I think she is going to be disappointed, but I like it!

We had our dusting of snow which disappeared within hours, but the temperatures have dropped and the skies look cold!  Not a fan of cold weather anymore.

This weekend it will be back in the 70s and I will be back at work, but until then you will find me inside in front of the fireplace!

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