Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Living Room Peaks (Peeks)

So the weekend started off with a bang, I was motivated enough to get the huge ladder set up and tackle the end pieces of the vaulted ceiling.  The glaring white triangles have bothered me for quite some time.  

I had bought my paint "Little Bambi" a Ben Moore color, did a swatch and it just was not dark enough, so off to the paint store to get the next darker shade, which was just right.  That color was called "Streudel".  I like Little Bambi better.

As you can see, our contractor placed wood slats on top of each beam initially thinking he was going to put in insulation and then sheetrock the ceiling, but when I saw how pretty the old wood was, I nixed that idea, but he left the wood pieces, which drive me crazy, making the ceiling look striped.  I painted one strip to see if it made a difference, but the darn things just have to come down.  How?  I haven't a clue because they are on good and tight and I couldn't get one off with a crowbar.  This may be a job for some strong, young guys.   I can tell you I am not going to paint each and every one of those!  I have to draw the line somewhere.

One end is finished, still have the other to do.  Hoping this week, if I can get enough sleep to feel up to being on a ladder for a few hours.

I had to post this egg.  The color is an olive green, not showing up in the photo as such, looking more brown, but it was such a beautiful egg.  I have not ever had one in that color.

Okay.  So Monday does not start off too good.  Early in the morning I take Daddy up the Grade as the people call the mountain going up to Asheville and I think I have a flat tire, so I get off at the only exit and my vehicle dies on the ramp.  A couple of local guys hooked me up to a chain and got me to a garage, a couple of really nice guys from CT, so looks like I've found my new mechanics.  A few hours later Bob comes to our rescue and takes us home and I take the Jeep back up the Grade to get my supplies.

Going up the grade on the other side to come back down to my town after getting supplies, I'm behind a semi that is going very slow and comes to a stop.  I can't print here what I was yelling at the guy, but next thing I know he starts to slide backwards.  There was this Kia between me and the semi, and the semi crushes the front of her vehicle as she is moving in reverse, which is what I did, and who knows how many cars behind me. 

I was positioning initially to pass, but a car came up the side and as she passed and the semi started to jack knife, the cab of the semi crushed the car, which you can't see, it is on the other side of the semi.  

I have to say that in 40 years of driving, this is the scariest thing I have ever encountered and pictures don't begin to show what happened.  The poor girl in front of me could have been decapitated, but she was quick thinking putting it in reverse.  We were going backwards about 20 miles an hour until he jack knifed.   It took my body a few hours and a few glasses of wine to stop it from shaking, and I hadn't even been hit.  I thought for sure the front and back of the Jeep would be crushed, but I came out without a scratch.  We came to find out the semi truck driver had a heart attack or some other medical condition, and I do not know if he survived.  I don't think I'll be taking my dogs up and down the Grade with me anymore. 

That night my 16 year old dog, Bamboo, could not sleep and paced and barked from 10:30 pm to 5:30 am.  It's now 10:00 am and look at him!!!  Two nights in a row with no sleep, so tonight I think nothing will wake me!

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