Thursday, February 4, 2016

First Room to be Completely Finished

It only took almost two years, but one room is completed, and I can move onto the next.  What was once a plain, pale blue-green room is now a rich chocolate brown with a white ceiling and lots of old paintings. 

This is my mini version from the period movies I love with walls covered up in old oils. I love the portraits, too, but Bob not so much, so those were placed in my bathroom so he didn't have to look at them every day, but he does like the scenic oils, especially the ones with a waterfall, which we try to collect. 

The movie "The Best Offer"  had walls and walls covered with oil portraits.  Love it!

The movie "Mr. Turner"  lots of oils of ships, again barely an inch apart.

I also have smalls with oils to top it off, tin pie plates, old crocks. The burlap people in boat is from my trip to Peru.

The rusty floor vents were replaced with black iron newbies from Lowes.

Others who like the "gallery look" found on Pinterest.  I really like this one with all the white, complete opposite of my version.

This completed room is the sunroom off the living room, also the temp-foster room for rescues.  Right now we have Remmington from Alabama in this room with a vaporizer.  He came Friday and shelter failed to disclose he was sick with kennel cough/pneumonia.  I am trying to nurse him back to health so he can get to Lancaster, PA, to his rescue. 

He is 12 years old and blind in one eye, and not much vision left in the other.  Poor boy has had a rough time and we are hoping he can make it.

This is Benny.  We had a visit from him a couple of weeks ago.  It's surprising how much he looks like Remmington and has the same white blind eye.  He is on his way to CT this weekend to his rescue.  I'm going to take a break for a month or so from rescue to work on the farmhouse.  My brother and wife and maybe my mom will be coming for a visit this spring, so things need to be ready!

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