Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Won't be needing flowers for Valentine's Day, the camellias are in full bloom and there are lots of them, all in shades of pink and red!

Bob asked where I would like to go and have dinner for Valentine's Day.  I said "Forget dinner, let's go straight to dessert!"  My two choices were The Chocolate Lounge or Old Europe Cafe both in Asheville.  I picked Old Europe once I read the owners were from Hungary, but I was leaning that way anyway!  Just look at that coffee!

This week we had the "red sky" with snow showers to follow.  This would have been perfect on 2/14, but it may happen again with an approaching ice storm Valentine's night.   Red sky at night, sailors' delight,  red sky in morning, sailors' warning.
                                          Happy Valentine's Day!

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