Friday, December 18, 2015

Let the Gift Giving Begin

Every year I find unsuspecting new friends to send a small gift to.  I love surprising people.  Being in chow rescue, each year I meet knew people that help in many ways, so I send them a framed chow painting (copy) that a friend had given to me many years ago.  I have plagiarized this painting many times, but everyone loves it.

Daddy is sending one to Angel in Ilinois, but it's really for my friend Toni.

Each year, no matter how I try to do something different, I always seem to decorate and wrap with a natural them, faux bois and owls being two of my favorite things.

First glimpse of the living room tree looking like a big old-fashioned bottle brush tree.  

Aside from chow rescue, I always bake a couple of my sponge cake chocolate rolls for unsuspecting friends.  This year Kelly and Yvonne, the girls I get my farm fresh eggs from, will be the recipients of these beauties!  Ziggy, my goat milk supplier, will be getting one next week when I go to the farm to get the next batch of raw goat's milk.

With the warmer-than-usual weather, the camellias are blooming for Christmas.

Made a big pan of spanakopita to get us through the weekend while we run errands and maybe get a hike in??

Into the fridge and ready to be baked.

A Christmas tour of the house will be coming!

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