Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Simple Thanksgiving

A simple Thanksgiving meal consisting of green beans, carrots, mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberries, sans turkey.  Bob has been a vegetarian for six months now and insisted no turkey on T-Day.  No problem here, makes for an easy dinner.

All I cared about was getting to dessert, which was called tipsy tart from MSL consisting of a chocolate mousse with kahlua and chocolate crust.  That with a nice glass of red was all I needed for Thanksgiving!

I met Brittany and picked up Bailey for the night.  We had to laugh.  It was 65 degrees, she's from Seattle, and she's in a parka?!
The next day Bailey and I hit the road to Lancaster, PA, to meet her new family.  My brother had taken a newer interstate on his trip down, so that is the way I went, and, oh, what scenery! Very steep, winding roads, so I did not plan on taking that route back in the dark, but will definitely go back up above Asheville to find some hiking trails off this road.  

These are the Appalachian Mountains.

There was a town called Forks of Ivy.  Love the name.  Reminds me of a place in Virginia called Peaks of Otter, which is also a town with a neat name.

After a nice visit with the family, the trip back home.  As you can see, bumper to bumper for 13 hours.  Still trying to recover.

Bumper to bumper going North and South.  Never will travel on a Sunday after Thanksgiving again!  Today I worked on putting up the trees and getting some presents wrapped.
These were wrapped and taken with me.  So much to do in the coming days.  The rain has stopped and the rest of the week is going to be 65 degrees and sunny, so decorating the farmhouse is on the agenda.  A nice sunset to end the day.

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