Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Goodbye Guinness

Guinness got the royal treatment before heading to PA.  I took him for a walk on the Blue Wall Trail by the lake . . .

. . .  took some photos on the dock at the lake . . . 

. . . then a ride to the dairy my local coffee shop uses . . .

. . . I bought some cream, eggs and cheese all locally made . . . 

. . . and had the biggest size eggnog milkshake they have!

Then we had to put him on the Grateful Doggies bus to Lancaster, and both of us cried.  I wanted to keep this big hairy beast.

On the Christmas front:

My favorite coffee shop decorated for the holidays.

And my favorite store, Anthropologie, has opened in Asheville!  I have always loved their creative holiday windows!

Inside the store is pretty nice, too.

Then lunch at an Indian restaurant for our anniversary.  Decorating posts are next!

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