Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Guinness and Some Decorations

Not the Guinness you're thinking, but a 92 lb. chow rottie?  tibetian? lapphund?  who knows, but this is one giant lovable beast that is staying with me for the week before going to The Sebastian Foundation in Lancaster, PA.  Bob brought him home from GA on Saturday.

This is one I am truly going to miss.  If I had a space in my pack for another giant male, he would be the one.  I instantly fell in love with this guy.  

A lot of blurry photos, my camera is about to be replaced.  He loves his twin mattress in the sunroom.  Best sleep he's had in almost a month being at the shelter.

All my decorations are up, including two trees in the house and my living room mantle.  I did a little bit outside.  We had pine saplings growing in the pasture.  I picked a few for Bob to mow around so I could use them in my galvanized container in the front courtyard.

Silver snowflakes line the porch at the farmhouse and sparkle in the sun.

A simple silver ball wreath on the front door that sparkles at night.  A lot going on in the coming weeks, our anniversary tomorrow, so celebrating this weekend, more gifts to buy and wrap, cookies and sponge rolls to bake, a small menu of eggnog and swedish meatballs for the neighbors.  Ken is from Sweden, so hope he likes them.  More to come!

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