Thursday, March 5, 2015

Some Progress in the Bedroom

It will be some time before the bedroom gets painted, so I wanted to at least get my mantle/shelf up on the wall and paintings in place.  It was a job to get this heavy mantle anchored to a plaster wall, so when it comes time to paint I will be painting around it.

At my other home the mantle was over the bedroom fireplace, which I do not have here, but I had to find a way to use it because I could not part with it. It hangs over my pie safe that houses our toiletries and serves as a place for my mercury glass and flower oil paintings to rest.

Originally I was just going to paint the room white, but with time spent here I think I will do a white with a hint of color, very pale and calming.

Detailed carving on the mantle.  I don't know what period it is from, but it didn't matter, I knew it would look good.

A blue painted corner cupboard on the other side of the room holds my old crocks and bowls and an oil painting found at a flea market.

The duvet cover is a gray ticking that goes with everything.

 Bought from Nicola's Home in Maine.

Vintage tin flowers from Italy.

It's raining today, so I'll be in the kitchen painting the ceiling!

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