Monday, March 30, 2015

A Touch of Easter

I usually don't do a lot for Easter because in the South it is crunch time for getting your seedlings in and cleaning up the yard.  I am usually in the garden from sun up to sundown from Good Friday until Easter and don't want to be inside cooking.  I do, however, place a few Easter objects about so it reminds me of this holiday.

I found this white plastic bunny at a Goodwill for $2 last year and thought it would look much better painted a brown to resemble a chocolate Easter bunny.

I think he turned out pretty well.  He even has a sheen just like chocolate.  I put some crinkle paper and a dried egg gourd in his basket, but it would look just as good with a few flowers.

A friend has invited us to Easter dinner, so I think I will put these farm fresh eggs to use and have an Easter brunch, maybe at the lake, take the kayak out for its first spring spin!

Maybe something fancy from this wonderful cookbook, a lady that has a bed and breakfast in Lancaster, PA. 

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