Monday, March 23, 2015

A Doggy Dog Weekend

It all started with getting Athena out of a boarding situation she had been in for six months to a rescue willing to take her in CT. 

Friday I did a four and a half hour drive to the Eastern part of NC to get Athena.  My friend in rescue, Vickie Shutt, lived close by and also had another chow I was going to pick up for a rescue in Houston, so I stopped by her place for lunch.

Vickie is a fantastic cook and baker.  She made a delicious chicken tortilla casserole and below an even more delicious flan cake.  She actually sells these because everyone wants them. 

I couldn't believe the size of the pinecones in her yard, smallest one I got was 7 inches!

Hers compared to mine, big difference!

I wasn't far from the coast, the Outer Banks, flat and boring.  I prefer the Western side with the mountains and the evergreens, but we don't have those pinecones!

This is Sterling, the corgi chow that I picked up at Vickie's.  An odd mix of a corgi body with a chow head, but the energy of a corgi and added energy because he is only 10 months old.  I'm glad he only spent one night here.  He was sweet, but I can't handle energy like that!

Bob spent the night with him in the Tiny Farmhouse.  Saturday we drove to SC to meet Tracey who was going to take him to Atlanta before his trip to Houston.

I dropped Athena off at Double N Stables in Charlotte.  She will be boarded there until Tuesday, then is on her way to CT.

This is Nicole who owns and runs the stables and kennels.  When I got there 7:00 that night, she had two buses loaded with dogs going to the NE.  We were both tired and ready to be done with the day, but I had another two hours of driving left.  She does an amazing job with all the animals, I don't envy her job.

Saturday Bob and Sterling were ready to hit Starbucks and meet Tracey.

You can really see the corgi in him in this photo.

I've known Tracey for quite some time being in rescue, but she recently moved to GA from CT, just months after I moved to NC.  I finally got to meet her in person.  She does awesome rescue work for chows.  It was her turn to have Sterling (ha) for the rest of the weekend.  She told me one chow had puppies Saturday night, her mom came from CT for a visit, and Sterling was non-stop and bothering all of her other chows so she had to confine him.  I don't envy Tracey, either!  It was a good weekend in chow rescue.

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