Monday, March 16, 2015

Nature Calls!

Days in the 70s, birds chirping, bushes ready to flower, I needed to get into action and get some bird houses repaired and erected and start the seedlings.  This weekend was pretty much dedicated to just that.

Wren house on a post.

Bat box in the pasture which had to be a minimum of 15 feet, that was a task!

Chickadee house in the brush.

Blue bird house on the edge of the pasture.  Within minutes of erecting, this house was spoken for.   A quick sale!

Screech owl box placed 10 feet high on the edge of the woodlands.  I have been hearing numerous owls singing at night, just hope this was put up in time for one to make a nest.

Periwinkle is in bloom everywhere.

A bush that I have never had, couldn't make it in the Georgia heat, is Rhododendron.  I have so many huge bushes that are budding, I can't wait to see what color they are and how beautiful the grounds will look when they are in full bloom.

Camellias in bloom.

The potting shed is still packed full and I was lucky to find my heat mats for my seedlings.  The grow lights were turned on and the heat mats ready to do their job.

This widger is an invaluable British tool that I cannot do without when planting seeds and lifting out seedlings.  

A tray of veggies . . .

. . . and a tray of flowers.

To end the weekend, another colorful sunset behind the mountains.

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