Monday, August 11, 2014

One Room Finished, A Dozen More To Go!

Remember the ugly, mint green, moldy bathroom before being gutted?  
Lovely drapes to go along with the ugly wallpaper?
And all the rust on the metal casement windows?  Which I must say is my least favorite job and very time-consuming and I have dozens more in the house to do!
Now clean and freshly painted in Oyster and the first room I have completed (except for painting the baseboards).  Finally, something to post!

This is the "spooky" bathroom as my dear friend Jacqui likes to call it.  Since Bob was also not a fan of my antique charcoal portraits, I decided to put them in a room where no one would see them, but me, unless they wanted to.  You either love them or hate them, and I find most people hate them!

The two on the left are a pair of Victorian charcoals done in colors, which is unusual.  The top right is a mourning charcoal of a man and his baby.  The bottom right is actually a photograph that I bought from my friend Linda who lives on the lake and is an antiques dealer.  I am a big fan of faux bois, and the gate in this photo is a beautiful example of that.

The other wall has a charcoal of a boy standing on a beach in his knickers, and two smaller charcoals to the right.  The couple was purchased at a flea market for $3!

Mrs. Flippin, as I like to call her, was my first charcoal about 30 years ago.  Bob and I went to a barn sale in Flippin, GA, and hence the name.  Mr. Flippin is on the other side of the room.  The blue painted magazine rack, originally a plate rack, was purchased from a friend's garage sale and holds my magazines.

Some of the old blue boards came from my friend Dixie, and the others were from old doors I collected on antiques sales. You can see in this photo my unpainted baseboards.  Sorry!

Here is Mr. Flippin on the other wall, has a "beard" thing going on. 

Even though Bob does not like my charcoals, he bought this one for an anniversary gift.  I love the ornate frame that came with it.

My old grain bin has been brought in from the potting shed to be used to store bathroom toiletries since I have no drawers or cabinets in this bathroom.  It also doubles as a work surface.

My smaller charcoals. I just noticed the two women have the same hairdo, and the man has some major facial hair going on.  He looks like a sea captain.

My old wire soap holder for the tub.

A great place to put a votive while taking a bath!

This is my Bradley and Hubbard wrought iron light fixture I have been taking from home to home for the past 30 years.  It always looks good over a clawfoot tub.

My tin duck has a place to rest now.

Outside looking in.  I finally have a place for all the things I have collected over the years, and it's coming together nicely.  Not so spooky after all, huh, Jacqui? I told her Bob's bathroom is scarier, and he doesn't even have the portraits in there!

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