Monday, August 18, 2014

A Busy Weekend

Blooms down by my mailbox, a nice surprise.
A lot of the week was spent scraping, a little painting.  Hard on the old hands.
I had a gallon of "Fig" left from my other home and thought I could use it on the garden viewing room's ceiling.  Too dark, it will have to be white.
At one time it had water damage, and you can see the bubbles in the paint.  I will tackle this slowly, but it will be pretty when finished.
Thursday I decided enough was enough with the very long and bleached out hair, and I found an Aveda salon in Hendersonville, and my hairdresser had just moved to the area, like me, so we had lots to talk about.  She did a very nice job.  Sorry, don't do photos of myself!

This is Bliss, the inside shot.  Everyone is so friendly in this town.  I liked it more than the salon I went to in Atlanta.

I like it even more because a new coffee shop just opened down the street from Bliss called Appalachian Coffee and it is delicious.

A one-room old brick building they renovated, turned out really cute.

Love the wood slab counter.

Saturday we were going to be a tourist and work hard on Sunday, but that didn't happen.  We did go to Asheville Saturday to the Screen Door, an antiques mall recommended by my friend Linda, and I did find a few things I liked.

What else!!  A charcoal portrait of an entire family, and I think the boys on either end are twins.  Only $28!  I was so tempted, but, no, Jacqui, I did not buy it.

I am looking for a cupboard for the boathouse to store all the supplies and get them off the table.  I really liked this one, and if I decide to buy it, I hope it is still there when I return.  All shelves on the inside.

Bob treated me to a nice lunch at a Caribbean restaurant in Montford, the historic district of Asheville. Mine was so unusual, cheese pasta with bananas, apples, grilled pineapple, currants and pumpkin spices.

We walked some of the streets and looked at the beautiful old homes.  Needed a good walk after that lunch!

Then came the call that Amber, our friend at Chowland, was having trouble with the two new chows just pulled from a shelter trying to get her cats and they had to go to Atlanta.  So Sunday we went to Charlotte, which is a 90-minute drive from our home, and brought them back to our farmhouse for the night.  They're names are Turnip & Tulip.

They were very good girls and I would have kept them if not for having six already!  Sunday afternoon was a luncheon at our neighbor's house and we had a very nice time, met lots of people, and ate some really good food.  Bob was off to Atlanta this morning at 5:30 am with Tulip & Turnip, and Alisha has already taken them to the vet and they are doing great!  Linda just left, she finally got to see the place, and next week I am going to her house on the lake to see her booth set-up for her Adirondack show, which is always neat to see.  So now I can get back to work, but where to begin????

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