Monday, July 21, 2014

A Little Reno, A Little Relaxation!

Tackled the back door to the mudroom, now scrubbed and painted, shade hung.  It was ugly yellow and incredibly dirty!

It did have some nice heart pine under the paint, but no way I am scraping and removing paint to make all the heart pine show, that would be crazy!!

Now painted Porcini.  Princess seems to like it, but she wants her doggy door painted, too!

This whole weekend was a wash-out with the rain, and it's still raining today, so we decided to go to a crafts fair in Asheville on Saturday.  It was breezy and cold, had to be in the 50s!

Some photos of some artists I liked.  Block-printed silk skirts and shawls, very nice.

Beautiful baskets woven out of different materials.


Neat chairs


Blown glass

Then we walked around before dinner and just admired the town.

Yes, that cat is a piece of artwork.

Then we had dinner at Rosetta's Kitchen

Bob was being "healthy" and had a kombucha (fermented black tea), ginger, molasses and peach . . . 

I had the "Wandering Roman" in honor of you know who, lemon, basil, vodka and st. germain. Very refreshing!

This week I will finish the kitchen cabinets, finish painting my bathroom and getting all of my portraits up.  I hope to start painting my potting shed just so I can get all the rest of the garden supplies off the farmhouse porch.  We'll see how far I get!

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