Monday, August 25, 2014

Sneak Peeks

There were a few things accomplished this week, and one was getting the martin gourds in the pasture for the martin scouts looking for housing for next spring.

I found the spot for my old painted buckets atop my big brown painted cupboard.

Placed all my antique bowls in my blue painted cupboard in the kitchen with my pastel wooden carnival ducks on top.

Made a reading nook in the living room.

Placed my vintage elk print, which I found at a yard sale in PA many years ago, atop my mustard painted shelf and old apothecary bottles on a wall near the kitchen.
Then there are what I call my "sneak peeks" at projects started that will take time to finish.  This is the door to my potting shed.  I decided to switch to painting that in order to get all the gardening things off the farmhouse porch and in their place before the weather turns.  Lord Roman is guarding the shed!

Inside is a lot of space and shelves already in place, it's just dark and ugly right now, so this will all be painted a glossy white to make it clean and bright.  The floor is concrete and may just be cleaned and left plain.

This is to give you an idea where it is located, at the other end of the breezeway across from the front door to the house.  Roman loves getting his picture taken!

A lot of nice wood, very well-constructed, but tired of so much wood, so white paint it is! Princess Maile is outside this door.

This week I will finish the shelf area and start bringing up all the garden tools and pots and various garden things from the farmhouse porch  and placing them on the shelves.

I finished painting the opposite wall from the shelves so we brought up the potting table from the farmhouse porch.
Another sneak peek.  This is a sample of bark which is very popular in this area of NC.  There is a town called Linville where the houses and other buildings are all clad in this bark.  A book was written about it called Bark House Style by McCurry, and what I plan on doing with it is using it as my backsplash for all my counters in the kitchen.  It will have to be sprayed with a sealer, but the look is very rustic and pretty and very cost efficient, much less than if I tiled.

It goes really well with my countertops.
Another sneak peek is the blackish-brown paint called "Clove Brown" by Benjamin Moore being used in the garden viewing room.  You can see the original gray color to the right of the painted wall, and what a difference it will make when finished.  It is a nice backdrop for my scenic oil paintings.
Last, but not least, is the "curtain" I am making for the window in Bob's shower.  I have at least 50 of these antique globes that once hung on a chandelier, and they will now be hung with fishing line and made into a glass curtain.  They look so pretty when the sun is shining through on them.
So these are just some of my projects right now, there will be many others, all done in bits, but will all come together in the end.  I'm working hard to get a lot accomplished before the fall cool air comes when I want to get out and start hiking some of these mountains!

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