Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Wildlife Galore!

Butterflies and hummingbirds enjoying the tithonia which is in full bloom now.

Turkeys have been visiting the farmhouse in the mornings.

Should have used my telescopic lens, but yes, there is a herd of deer at the fence line along the stream, and they are coming every evening.

A few Saturdays ago we went into town to get some eggs and wondered why all the streets were closed off.  This is the reason.  There have been a lot of bear sightings in the past few weeks.

My heirloom cucumbers are coming in strong, so we are having cucumber everything, including mojitos!

Made a cucumber roux which goes on top of asparagus and swiss crepes.

One of my favorite recipes in my favorite vegetarian cookbook.  You can see how often I use it, starting to fall apart.

Mushrooms are springing up everywhere from all the rain and humidity.

My goat guy went out West on his bike to visit Yosemite, so I found another goat farm that uses Ball jars instead of plastic cartons.  A lot more work, but nice.

My friend Debra's old hens are laying rubber eggs, no shells.  Creepy.

Excited about this weekend.  First, on Friday, is my favorite church yard sale.  On the same day, Frog & Swan is hosting an estate sale.  Saturday we have our boathouse back after renting for two months, afraid to see it, as the renters were guys, but Sunday we will be cooking out and swimming.  Then we all know what Monday is, ECLIPSE!  We will be hiking Big Rock!

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