Monday, August 14, 2017

Found Our Spot for Eclipse - Cedar Mountain!

A quaint mountain town in the DuPont Forest about an hour from our home, we think this will be the ideal spot to view the eclipse.

A lot of open viewpoints.

I love exploring new areas and finding places off the beaten path.

The town has a gas station and a restaurant and some galleries and shops, all of which will be closed the day of the eclipse so the employees can join in the event.

Turk's Cap

It was a beautiful drive with fields of wildflowers everywhere.  This was the biggest field of Ironweed I have ever seen.

Lots of camps and cottages along the way.

A short hike along a trail brings us to Fawn Lake, one of five mountain lakes in the Dupont Forest.

Lots of space and vantage points and off the beaten trail, we decided this would be "the place" until we found . . .

Big Rock
  This will take a little more effort and time to hike to, but I think at 2700 feet elevation, this will be the viewing spot we searched for!  

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